Lisa Bloom: Be Informed and Engaged in Your Life

On June 5-6th 2014, Claudia Chan and 92Y led the S.H.E. Summit: The Global Women’s Leadership & Lifestyle Event. Team FindSpark had the opportunity to attend this event and hear amazing and successful women discuss their careers and lives.

S.H.E. Summit started the second day of the conference strong with Lisa Bloom, NBC News Legal Analyst, Attorney & Bestselling Author speaking on Women and Media. Lisa Bloom had not only informative, but also inspirational things to say to all women working in today’s world.

Lisa bloom

Hear are the five biggest takeaways from Lisa Bloom’s talk:

1. “READ REAL BOOKS.” Lisa Bloom states that as women (and I am going to include men) we should be informed and step away from our electronic devices and read real books and newspapers.

2. “Prioritize your time.” Time is precious and the things or activities one chooses to do should be meaningful and important.

3. “Connect. Engage. Get offline.” A major encouragement by Lisa Bloom was to get involved in her community and invest in the people and world around her.

4. “Confidence.” So often, women feel insecure about a number of things, but Bloom encourages women everywhere to have confidence in themselves and confidence in their work.

5. “[It is] Not about finding your voice, but creating your voice.” Lisa Bloom ended on such an inspirational note. Creating one’s voice is the best way to empower one’s self and help define where one wants to go.

How do you plan to create your voice? Comment below with any thoughts.

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