Living On An Intern’s Budget: Weekend Guide On-the-Cheap, Super Bowl Edition

Happy Friday, NYC Interns! The snow is finally melting and for those of us who love football (and those of us who don’t), one thing is certain: it’s time to get outside! There’s a great weekend ahead – below are our suggestions for making the most of it.

For Football Fanatics:

Planning to hunker-down and enjoy your off-time in front of the TV? Invite some friends over for hot-and-spicy chili – this recipe, from chef Brian Pierce at Brooklyn Winery is our favorite. While you cook, hype yourself up for the Super Bowl with Spike’s Top 10 Super Bowl Commercials Of All Time. Unfortunately for anyone who doesn’t have cable… or a television, the feds have officially shut down Super Bowl streaming over the interwebs. Not to worry though, Popwatch provides a detailed live-blog of the highlights.

If you insist upon seeing the action for yourself, cheap bar deals abound. We’ll be heading over to Williamsburg’s Turkey’s Nest for the as-always 32-ounce styros of Coors ($4). In true Super Bowl style, the cheap beers will be accompanied by a (free) smorgasboard of bar snacks.

When things get too crowded, we suggest crossing the street to McCarren Park to toss around a pigskin and enjoy the brisk afternoon.

If football’s not your thing:

While the rest of the world is engrossed in an epic Steelers v. Packers clash, enjoy the city sans the crowds. Take a jaunt around midtown! First stop: Grand Central Station to pick up a tasty treat at Flex Donuts Pop-up shop. Pastry Chef Zac Young, of Top Chef Just Desserts fame is setting up at Zocalo restaurant in GC’s downstairs food court Monday through Friday 12-6p through Feb 4 (today!). He’ll be whipping up fried dough for every palate (most intriguing to us is the salted cajeta, or goat’s milk caramel, flavor). Take it to go and head over to Citi Pond at Bryant Park, where skating is free if you bring your own skates. Rental skates are $13 each with no time limit – not a bad deal either! While you’re there, grab a coffee and window shop at the park’s holiday market, or just relax in front of the iconic main branch of NYC’s public library.

Have a great weekend, guys!

Alicia received a Bachelor of Arts in Individualized Study, with a concentration in Linguistics and Identity from New York University. Professionally, she has dabbled in everything from PR, to Sales, Bartending, and Blogging. She currently splits her time between FXB USA, and Brooklyn Winery. Personally, she’s a fan baking, glass-blowing, and all things NYC! Like Alicia? Let her know by following her on the Twitter.

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