How to Maintain Connections Made During Your Internship


Picture above features just a few of our wonderful FindSpark members from one of our events (

The connections you make during your time as an intern are invaluable. But how do you stay in touch with everyone long after you’ve left?

Here are some of my favorite actionable tips. And yes, I’ve used some of these tips myself to stay in touch with my supervisors 5+ years later.

  • Add everyone you met on LinkedIn and send a custom message when you do. This goes for people you only met briefly as well as your boss.
  • Make a list on Twitter of everyone you met so you can keep up-to-date after you leave and engage with them by retweeting or favoriting their posts
  • Write a blog post once you get back to school about how you’re using what you learned and send it to your supervisor
  • Send a handwritten thank you note to your boss after you leave
  • See if there’s an intern alumni group on Facebook or LinkedIn. If there isn’t, ask if you can make one
  • Invite your boss or someone you worked with to campus to speak to your class or club
  • Go to events that you know your boss is attending or that is hosted or sponsored by the company at which you interned