Stand Out From the Crowd: How to Make a Lasting Impression


It is estimated that it takes approximately 100 milliseconds to form an opinion of another person when meeting for the first time. Within this incredibly small amount of time, the judgment made is long lasting and can be very difficult to change over time. This is why it is so important to make a good impression when meeting someone for the first time.

First impressions are made very quickly, but with these tips, you’ll be sure to leave a great impression on others at your next networking event!


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Set an Intention

Prior to attending a networking event, take some time to set goals centered on whom you would like to meet or what you would like to achieve from it. This can be especially helpful for those that feel nervous about networking since goals can provide direction when feeling lost or confused among a large crowd. Research information on the event and its speakers to write down any questions or topics you would to discuss with the speakers or other attendees. Being prepared and informed can help with initiating an engaging conversation!

Be Punctual

Aim to be punctual at your next event. Arriving early not only helps with reducing anxiety but also gives you the opportunity to interact with fellow attendees in a more relaxed environment. You can also use this spare time to swap business cards with the event staff or speakers before the crowds start to gather.

Dress the Part

Making a good lasting impression is rooted in being comfortable with yourself and confident in your skin. Comfort has a different meaning to every person, but when styling yourself for an event, it is always helpful to consider your personal brand. What kind of message do you want your image to send out to others? How can your image enhance your personal brand? Ultimately, when you feel great, it will reflect through your presence and help you perform at your best.

Be Aware of Your Body Language

Actions speak louder than words, and it is often actions that catch someone’s attention when meeting others for the first time. When making a good first impression, it’s best to reflect yourself as being an open and confident individual. Try to maintain steady eye contact and give a firm handshake when interacting with someone for the first time. Both of these actions can help display yourself as a self-assured individual.


Perhaps the most important part of making a great impression on someone is to smile! The simple act of smiling not only lifts your mood for the better, but it also signifies a positive attitude. A positive attitude can be the deciding factor in landing that amazing internship or getting your dream job, so get in front of a mirror and practice your best toothy grin!

Making a good first impression is a necessary part of life, and is especially vital when attending professional events. Being true to yourself and your personal brand is key when interacting with others for the first time. Hopefully, these tips guide you in leaving positive and memorable impressions on others and don’t forget to smile!

Do you have any more tips to add? Let us know in the comments?


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