Mastering the Email Intro: The Blurb


You got the OK for the intro! Of course you did because you’re awesome. Now you’ve just got one final, but key, step to go. The best way to make sure that your message is communicated clearly is to write the intro yourself. Not only will this make sure that others know exactly what you’re looking for, you’ll also make this process much easier for your “introducer.” Everybody will be happy and you’ll be one step closer to reaching your goals.

Step Three: The Blurb | Some simple tips on writing an effective “About Me” intro


  • YMU (You Me Us): This is a simple guideline to help you write a short and clear intro about yourself and what you’re looking for.

    • You: Start off with specifics on the person you’re contacting. Identify how you found out about them (friend, article, LinkedIn search) and mention something they’ve done or that they’re involved with (bonus points for flattery and genuine interest).

      • Keep this personal! No generalizing.

    • Me: Give 2-3 sentences on yourself. What you’re doing, what you’re interested in. Try and connect these things to what the person you’re reaching out to does, helps stage a common ground.

    • Us: State that you would like to get together sometime and provide some specifics on why (ask about a job, talk about similar interests, hear about their experiences, etc)

  • Make yourself easy to stalk: Provide a link to your website, portfolio, blog, LinkedIn, Twitter.. Whichever you think provides the best representation of who you are and what you do.

  • Keep it Short: As tempting as it may be to write out a 10-page testament on your life’s story, let’s not. Provide clear, basic info to let them know who you are, how you found out about them, and why you’re reaching out. Anything else can be talked about when you meet.

  • SPELL CHECK: Yes. Again, and again, and again.


  • Be sketchy: “You don’t know me but I know you. I want to meet you. I want to pick your brain. I’ll see you tomorrow. I’ll be waiting for you outside your apartment.”

  • Mom always said I should write my own novel: not right now.

  • Bout that Copy/Paste lyf: “Hi! I like your job and i think we could have a lot to talk about. You seem like a great person who does great work. Let’s meet!”

  • Be fake/overdo it: They’ll probably be able to tell and you’ll just look silly.

  • Not spell check: Don’t let your awesomeness be shadowed by a missing “h”.

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