Meet Artist John P. Dessereau at Find & Follow Your Passion

More than 35 top creative professionals will be sharing their insight with us for  Find & Follow Your Passion, our full-day conference taking place on November 10th. We’re thrilled to introduce you to one of our speakers, John P. Dessereau.

Brooklyn based artist John P. Dessereau depicts a deep concern with current western philosophy. While he would dismiss his work as being in response to the “Occupy” movement, the paintings allude to the discontent mass. He would appreciate the comparison being that many of the images were made mostly before the movements establishment. Instead, he would say they were in response to his own frustration and observations with a society, if it were capital, resource based, or personal. He has particularly strong feelings about these subjects based on his humble roots.

Born in frail health into a lower middle class lesbian household in The Bronx, John would combat adversity early on. Notably, born with an Artial Septal Defect of the heart, he was a sickly preteen that lacked the stamina of other neighborhood boys. He found pleasure in drawing and painting both before and after major heart surgery. In high school, by embracing an independent spirit, he shaped a highly individualized and ambitious personality. As a cartoonist for his school’s newspaper and class president, John was accepted to study illustration at the School of Visual Arts in 2002, and graduated in 2006. John then worked as an image editor for a fine art and auction database company on Wall Street. It was there where he soaked up impressive pictures and unique thoughts about economics. The mixed feelings were then amplified by working as a gallery and artist assistant, providing insight from the front and back ends of an art world. Today, by sampling bits of his history, John is creating a visual language that explores concerns like capital insincerity, mindless ambition, inequality, and impractical development.

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Join John and over 350 young creatives for a full day of discussions, hands on workshops, networking, and fun. Meet the coolest creatives and companies in New York City, learn about different industries, and make great connections with peers and professionals. The event is in partnership with the Center for Career & Professional Development at Pratt Institute and will take place on their beautiful campus in Brooklyn.

Join us for this life-changing day of inspiration and actionable career tips. Register today.

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