Meet Justin Gignac, Artist and Entrepreneur

Our 5 Creatives // 5 Stories event series takes place on Thursday, September 13 at 7 PM at Openhouse Gallery. The event includes presentations from creative professionals, who will share stories about obstacles they encountered while pursuing their passions, lessons they learned, and advice that can apply to creatives at any stage in their career.

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We’re happy to introduce you to Justin Gignac, one of the speakers for this event. While a student in School of Visual Arts, Justin put his newfound marketing skills to work packaging and selling New York City garbage. What began as an experiment in package design quickly turned into a thriving side project. With prices growing from $10 a cube to as much as $100, his sculptures are now in the hands of over 1,300 garbage collectors in 30 countries.

After graduation, he spent the next five years in advertising creating notable work for IBM, Virgin Mobile and the viral phenomenon, Elf Yourself, for OfficeMax. Seeking more balance and the time to pursue his own projects he left full time advertising in 2007.

This freedom and abundance of spare time enabled Gignac to expand on his own brand of nonsense. He created Wants for Sale with his wife, Christine. A project where they fulfill real world wants by painting things they desire and sell the painting for the price of the actual item. They’ve sold everything from “A Slice of Pizza” to an entire Las Vegas vacation. The site’s success led them to create Needs for Sale, which is based on the same structure except all proceeds go to charity.

You can visit Justin through his website at or on Twitter @justingignac.

Justin Gignac, New York City Garbage
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Justin Gignac, Wants For Sale, Custom Adidas
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Justin Gignac, Wants For Sale, To Get Into MoMA
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