Meet the Volunteers: Stephanie Lippitt

At NY Creative Interns, we love our volunteers. These individuals are the ones who track down the internships, write the articles, and help make every event a success. We’ll be introducing you to a new member of the team each Friday to help you get to know them.

Steph Lippitt; she may be silly looking, but her writing's sexy.
Referred to by most as only “Steph,” Stephanie Lippitt was born and raised in the quaint city of Warwick, RI, where life was small and constricting for about 18 years. Luckily, in 2008, Steph moved from an “island” to an island, opting to pursue a higher education at Hofstra University. She decided to attain a Bachelor of Arts in Publishing and Creative Writing, which would allow her to pursue her dreams of working for a world-class trade-fiction publisher and volunteering as a writer and organizer for amazingly helpful websites. In December of 2011, after only three and a half years, she accomplished her degree goal and graduated with honors. After graduation, she was hired as a Composition Coordinator for McGraw-Hill Higher Education; she has been working there for 7 months now and loves her job, even though it’s not trade-fiction publishing. Her supervisors occasionally give her doughnuts; what more could a girl ask for?

What made you want to volunteer for NY Creative Interns?
I was lucky enough to have NY Creative Interns president and co-founder Emily Meithner as my supervisor during my internship at Sterling Publishing. She was constantly inviting me to the NY Creative Interns events, so I figured I had to at least check one out. About a month into the internship I finally went to one: a Q & A with Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian. I was surprised by how easy it was to talk to people during that particular event; NY Creative Interns just attracts really fun and easy-going (though no less inspired or hardworking) individuals. I realized that whenever I had dragged myself out to a networking or speaking event in the past, it was just the wrong kind of event for me. I need events that are fun and relaxed, yet still remain professional. As soon as I left the NY Creative Interns event, I knew I wanted to be part of the team.

If you could hear anyone speak at a future NY Creative Interns event, who would it be?
I know this would be a long, long shot, but I would love to hear Bill Gates speak at one of the NY Creative Interns events. I believe he is one of the brightest innovators of the past 50 years and one of the most generous people on the planet. I would love to hear his opinions on the changing digital market.

How many internships have you had, and where?
In college, I had three internships: my first was with DC Comics, my second was with Marvel Comics, and my third was with Sterling Publishing. No, I did not meet Stan Lee; yes, I met Jim Lee. If you have any questions about internships in New York comic companies, feel free to email me.

What is the best advice you’ve ever received?
“Just shut up and do it.” This is in reference to a project I was talking about with one of the most incredible and intimidating (in a good way) people I met at Sterling Publishing. I still haven’t done that particular project, but it did make me start on a few others I had put off for a long time, either because I thought they weren’t good enough or I told myself I just didn’t have the time. One of the projects I started recently is, for anyone interested in reading my insane writing.

It’s 3pm on a Tuesday afternoon. What are you doing?
In reality: leading webinar training sessions for the McGraw-Hill digital learning program, Connect Composition 2.0.
In my dreams: exploring space and time with Christopher Eccleston’s portrayal of The Doctor from Doctor Who.

Feel free to contact Steph through email at stephlippitt [at] gmail [dot] com, or connect with her on LinkedIn. You can also leave questions for her in the comments below.

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Sara is the Managing Editor for the NY Creative Interns blog. She's also a Hofstra University alumnae and a Campus Coordinator for The World Needs More Love Letters. Follow her on Twitter @SaraMBrink and read her blog, Letters From A (Someday) Editor.

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