Meet Veronica de Souza of Digg at Find & Follow Your Passion on April 6

More than 35 top creative professionals will be sharing their insight with us for Find & Follow Your Passion, our full-day conference taking place on April 6th at The New School. We’re thrilled to introduce you to one of our speakers, Veronica de Souza.

De Souza

Hey! I’m Veronica and I’m the Community Manager at Digg.
I graduated from Hofstra University in 2011. I majored in radio (yes, radio) and broadcast journalism. I worked in radio for a little but after graduation before I realized that corporate radio just wasn’t for me. I moved on and took a CM position at a small startup. Six months later, the startup shut down and the entire team was let go. For the first time since graduation, I found myself without a plan and it really scared me. I went home after my last day at work and decided to watch the 2nd presidential debate since it was taking place at Hofstra. In a strange and hilarious turn of events, I made what I thought was a silly blog that ended up becoming part of this giant meme. Im the culprit behind Binders Full Of Women. The popularity of the blog got me some attention and I made sure to tell anyone who would listen that I was looking for a job. I got to talk to a lot of people but (and I’m not just saying this because I work there now) I instantly felt like I clicked with Digg.
Right now, I handle all social media and community for Digg. When I’m not internetting, I’m…probably internetting. But seriously, Digg is great and I’m grateful to be in an environment where I can throw a bunch of things at a wall and see what sticks. The best part about my job is that there’s still so much to learn. It never gets boring. If you’re free this summer and interested in interning at Digg, check out our jobs page.
Image via Veronica de Souza

Image via Veronica de Souza

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Join Veronica de Souza and over 250 young creatives for a full day of discussions, hands on workshops, networking, and fun. Meet the coolest creatives and companies in New York City, learn about different industries, and make great connections with peers and professionals.

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