FindSpark Member Spotlight: Carly Walsh

FindSpark Member Spotlight: Meet Carly Walsh!

The George Washington University graduate has been a longtime member in the community, so you’ve probably seen her friendly face at a variety of our events—especially considering the fact that she killed it as a previous FindSpark Campus Ambassador! Since finding her first post-grad job with the help of the FindSpark job board, she’s spoken at FindSpark events, and has been a mentor at Hustle Summit.

She describes herself as a content and people-person, so it’s no surprise that she landed internships at Group SJR and Social by Definition, prior to snagging the ultimate role at Livestream, where she currently works as their Content and Social Curator.

Carly speaking at the “FindSpark:Career Groundbreakers” panel last year

Whether she’s engaging audiences IRL or online, she always steals the show, and we’re lucky to have this bright, social and digital-savvy creative serve as inspiration to our current and new members.

Check out her Twitter and website, and get connected with her on LinkedIn.



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