FindSpark Member Spotlight: Christina Lynch

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FindSpark Member Spotlight: Meet Christina Lynch

The NYU grad has been a seriously integral part of the community. Aside from being an awesome volunteer at several FindSpark events throughout the years, she’s been a super reliable Hustle Summit fellow (check out the awesome blog post she contributed: Hustle Summit is Over…Now What?)

With her impressive background—having worked at Brooklyn Academy of Music and Tribeca Enterprises, and freelancing on the side—in addition to working as a yoga teacher, you’ll wonder: is there anything that she can’t do?

Probably not, which is why she’s serious #goals when it comes to career success. We’re so happy to have this bubbly, go-getting member as part of the FindSpark family.

Check out her Twitter and website, and get connected with her on LinkedIn.

About the Author

Christina is a writer with a terrible coffee/book addiction.

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