FindSpark Member Spotlight: Megan Dettrey

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FindSpark Member Spotlight: Meet Megan Dettrey!

The Belmont University grad has been a longtime active member, having attended events like the Find & Follow Your Passion: A Full-Day Career Conference. She’s also a prime example as to what hard work can accomplish.

Having interned at Good Time Inc., RED Distribution,  iHeartMedia, Viacom, and more, it’s no surprise that she snagged an internship at L’Oreal—where she transitioned into a full time role! She now works as a Marketing Assistant for Carol’s Daughter.

Aside from being an awesome singer/songwriter in her spare time, this creative has proved that she’s going to continue to go far in whatever she sets her sights—and heart—on.

Check out her Twitter and get connected with her on LinkedIn.

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