5 Tips for Maintaining Good Mental Health

The New York Hustle. Everybody knows it. New York is called the city that never sleeps for a reason. So what do you do when you need to stay energized, but are just plain mentally exhausted?

**In honor of World Mental Health Day, I would like to add a disclaimer that this blog post focuses on the little things you can do when you are overwhelmed with commitments and stressed about life. If you are experiencing more serious anxiety please seek professional help. Remember you are not alone!


Here are five tips to maintaining good mental health and energy throughout your busy life:

1. Just say no.

What? Say no to something? Not sign up to be a volunteer member at an organization, sit as an executive board member for a club, work two part time jobs, and go to school or contemplate grad school? Your time is important and where you allocate your time is vital in maintaining your mental health and energy. Prioritize what is necessary and what is not.

2. Stop and take a breath, then take a break.

There comes a point in your day when you just hit a wall. There is no going forward anymore and when you reach that point it is time to take a breath and take a break. The world is not going to end if you stop for thirty minutes to re-evaluate what you need to get done and what can be saved for tomorrow. More often times than not there will always be something else that you need to do, but it important to prioritize (see #1) your time and energy.

3. Turn off your email.

When you are completely mentally drained and you are trying to stay energized it is important to separate yourself from your work. It is tempting to try and do more after you get home, but the work will still be there tomorrow—honor your rest and personal time.

4. Buy the latte.

This may sound silly, but sometimes you just need the pick me up. Even when it’s four dollars and 95 degrees outside, if you want the latte—buy it.

5. Ask for help.

You do not have to do life by yourself. Whether it is reaching out to a co-worker for help on a project or a friend to just vent to, you have supporters!

Maintaining good mental health is vital in productivity and general happiness. It is easy to get caught up in the grind of New York or wherever you are, but don’t let it get you down. What do you do in order to maintain good mental health? Comment below and make sure to share this on social media!

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