Motivations Behind Creating Things: Insight from Four Founders

Why do you start something? How do you start something? What motivates you to do something bigger than yourself?

These questions plus more were answered by the panel we curated for a class on “Indie Capitalism” at Parsons School of Design taught by Bruce Nussbaum and Benjamin Lee.

ny creative interns Parsons class talk

Below you’ll find the presentations from our four speakers, including NY Creative Interns Founder and President Emily Miethner, Rebecca Zhou, Founder of Raise Cache, Ingrid Zweifel, Co-Founder of The Way We See the World, and Mike Radparvar, Co-Founder of Holstee.

The conversation centered around motivation, methods, successes, failures — what it means to be a creative entrepreneur. Each founder spoke about charisma and feeling a “calling” to do something. Most importantly, they covered what Bruce calls “the Pivot—pivoting from an inspired idea to actually making it.”