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Summer is winding and the days are getting longer. For many of you, the college semester is about to start; for others internships and jobs are about to kick into serious mode. In any matter, it’s time to buckle down and start getting organized. You can always do it the old school way with a paper and pencil in hand, but then you can also get organized with these life-changing apps.


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Here is a list of my new favorite apps to help you stay organized:

1. Shipster

This app is re-inventing the way you ship your mail (although it is more for our fellow New Yorkers). Here’s how this app works. You have a package and it’s ready to go. Using the app, you can take a picture of whatever you have, input all the shipping details. Within 20 minutes, a Shipster agent will be at your doorstep.  They’ll deliver in New York City within three hours, or they’ll parcel and ship it anywhere in the world. Save yourself a trip to the post office.

2. Dollarbird

This app tags itself as “The smart calendar app for your finances.” It’s ideal for keeping a closer eye on your finances. When you open the calendar app, you can add your income and expenses to the calendar. It’s an all-around app that can help you see where you presently stand with your finances and where you will be standing in the future.

3. Travel Butler

Gone are the days where you forgot to pack something. Save time (and items) by utilizing this useful packing list app that also suggests restaurants and sights for your trip. You enter your trip destination details (time frame, your gender, type of travel) and you add the trip. The app will take a look at the weather (for up to two weeks in advance) for that period and create a packing list for you to bring—but you can always add your own items to bring. Then it goes further and suggests restaurants and sights for your trip. Give it a go next time you’re getting ready to go away.

4. Find. Eat. Drink.

There are so many places to eat (and many new ones popping us as you read this). Your time is valuable and when you need a quick bite to eat, this will help you choose your location. Unlike the majority of food-finding apps, Find. Eat. Drink. is run by chefs, bartenders, and sommeliers. With it, you can start finding all those spots that are worth your time and money.


A shortcut for “if this, then that”. You have the power to automate everyday tasks between apps. The possibilities are endless. You can text yourself if rain is forecast for tomorrow, save a new story once it posts or share a photo instantly when you tap it. All you have to do is create the “recipe” for it to happen. It can automate just about anything you’d want to do in your digital life.

6. Dashlane

Do you keep forgetting your password because you have too many accounts? This app is for you then! This has been rated as one of the best password managers and secure digital wallets. You can automatically log into any website and never lose a password again. Their security is top notch and if anything is amiss with your accounts, it will let you be the first to know about security breaches.

7. Monitorbook

Gone are the days when you will have to manually search for updates. Save time and use this app to easily track anything on the web. There are many uses for this app – you can use it for business purposes, like tracking competitors or doing market research. You can also use it for personal uses, like finding out when tickets are about to be sold for your favorite festival or for hunting down a vinyl across the web .


Simply having a to-do list does not guarantee you’ll get anything done. We often write a to-do list, but often nothing gets done. With CARROT, your to-do list becomes a game, and you get more done because of it. Whenever you accomplish your tasks, CARROT rewards you. Start earning rewards by accomplishing your tasks.

9. Cloze

This app helps you collect relevant information about the people in the network you want to keep up with. The app collects tweets, emails, Facebook posts, and other pieces of information from your contacts, and prioritizes them based on people most relevant to you.

These are just a few of great apps to help keep you organized. What are your favorite organizational apps? Let us know below!


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Priyanka is a self starting recent Hofstra University graduate with a BA in Psychology with minors in Arabic and Public Relations under her belt. Friends would describe Priyanka as a fierce statement necklace multitasker that eats deadlines for breakfast. If you're looking for Priyanka, you'll find her chasing her dreams in the big apple and finding new ways to innovate. She has previously worked alongside charity:water, the American Red Cross, Cancer 101 and various other organizations. Follow her on @Pripri_125 and check out her website: www.mustachestories.com

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