Perks You Can Offer Employees That Won’t Cost A Thing


You’ve probably heard the saying, “You’ve got to give a little, to get a little.” In the case of your employees, they give a lot (what else would you expect from ambitious pros?), especially if they’re trying to kick ass in a new positionget promoted, or simply continue to build their career on a super strong note.

How do you go about thanking them for all their hard work, or better yet, ensure that they stick around for the long run?

Here’s a few ways that you can foster loyalty, appreciation, and value among your most valued employees (aside from sending them to epic networking events) without having to break the bank with frequent team lunches or expensive team outings:

Set up weekly one-on-one time


The key to every professional relationship is open communication. Taking the time to sit down and connect with employees is crucial to their development; it’s the opportune way to discuss their accomplishments, set up goals, and set them up for another week of success. Who wouldn’t want that?

Have some in-house team fun


No mid-afternoon slump for your office! Playing an impromptu game of catchphrase, catan, or any other interactive device or board game (that doesn’t involve them being glued to the Internet) will get everyone’s energy levels up, and keep their creative juices flowing!

Offer flexible hours/remote work


There’s no reason why your employees shouldn’t be allowed to work from home, or in some cases, get a little leeway in when they get to leave the office (or arrive, for those who don’t full come to life until later in the morning). They transitioned from random candidate to qualified hire for a reason, and everyone needs more wiggle room for work-life balance. As long as your employees are getting their work done, that should matter more than anything else.

Launch a mentorship program


Your company likely has an awesome CEO, leadership team, or network of professionals that can be easily tapped into. By creating a program that’ll allow senior management to offer more insight to entry to mid-level staff, it’ll allow the company to feel less like mechanical workplace, and more like a community that everyone is proud to be a part of.

Invest in lunch & learns


Very little in life is better than eating. But when you offer to fuel someone’s stomach, and their insight into a particular industry — you’re giving your employees more reason to love you (almost as much as they love pizza).

Give more recognition


People have their own motivations for what they do, and why they do it. But if you want to give them another reason to work harder, give them genuine thanks — for a project they completed, system they initiated, or colleague they helped in some shape or form. It’ll give them a nice ego boost, and another reason to continue to put their all in each and every work day.

Encourage breaks


Some employees are extreme over-achievers, and will work until they burn out. Steer your employees away from this harmful habit but insisting that they grab a bite at a new place down the street, or take their colleague to a coffee spot that’s gotten rave reviews. They’ll return fully refreshed, ready to be productive, and thankful that you truly care about their wellbeing (physically, and mentally as well).

Invite employees to meet with higher ups, and other pros in your company


For new interns and employees, it’s scary starting out. Even seasoned pros that have switched over from a bad job, or bounced back from a tough lay off, might feel hesitant about settling in. Put them all at ease by introducing them to seniors, juniors, and entry-level members. It’ll show them that they’re important, and part of a bigger picture — that just wouldn’t be the same without them!

How do you show your employees that you appreciate them? Share in the comments!


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