NY Creative Interns Conference Spotlight: Brian Foo, Freelance Web Developer and Artist

We’re excited to announce another amazing professional to our line up for Find and Follow Your Passion on April 21, 2012. Meet Brian Foo, Freelance Web Developer and Artist.

 Brian Foo is a web developer, artist, and entrepreneur in New York City.  He is the founder of projectlabel.org and giveloop.com, which sold in April 2011.  He is currently pursuing more traditional art projects, most recently raising funds on Kickstarter to publish his first book for his illustration project called “Cities of You.” His long-term goal is to combine his art and technology background to find ways to further disrupt the art industry.

We have tons more to share with you, so check back often for new announcements. Head to our conference site for more details. You’ll meet amazing professionals like Brian, and make great friends and future collaborators.

If you had a chance, what would you ask Brian? Check out his Twitter or website,  or let us know in the comments.

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Jana is a senior at Hofstra University on Long Island.

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