NY Creative Interns Makes Magic Happen for College Students and Recent Grads

Our monthly mixer  with about 50 attendees was held in Manhattan last Tuesday, February 28, 2012 at Morris + King Company.

A short keynote speech by Melissa Andrada, Brand and Digital Strategist at Wolff Olins,  was presented as well as 30 second opportunities for job announcements.

NY Creative Interns Magical History

“NY Creative Interns events are always a success,” says co-founder Emily Miethner. “We connect a diverse group of creatives in a fun atmosphere and magic happens. These events are amazing because you never know where the relationships you start here will lead. When you’re trying to make it in a creative professional, that’s what matters most, people.”

NY Creative Interns Magic

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Magic for College Students

One of the Hofstra students in attendance was senior public relations major Briana Mullery.

“My future is definitely on my mind so any opportunity to meet people is something I want to take advantage of,” said Briana. “I’m graduating in May so right now I’m really putting my feelers out for a job. The NY Creative Interns events are great opportunities for Hofstra students looking for internships or jobs.”

Magic for Recent Grads

Danielle Newman, another Hofstra alumna also at the mixer, has attended NY Creative Interns events since the group was founded two years ago and graduated last year in May 2011.

“I joined NY Creative Interns while I was still in school,” said Dani, a television and film major. “At the time I was interning full time at The Late Show with David Letterman and looking for smart and interesting people to connect with in the city. I didn’t have a job lined up for after graduation and had hoped NY Creative Interns would help me expand my network and meet people just a few years ahead of me, working in my industry.”

You could say that magic happened for Dani, as she currently works at Tumblr as an assistant.

Magic for Creatives Everywhere

NY Creative Interns will be hosting its first ever conference, “Find and Follow Your Passion,” on Saturday, April 21st  which will consist of panels, workshops, networking, an education and career fair, good times and  you guessed it – magic.  To find out more visit conf.www.findspark.com.

What internship magic has happened to you?

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Svenja is interested in working in journalism and communications, currently freelancing for the Long Island Herald, Student Aide to the Vice President of Information Technology at Hofstra University, Co-Editor in Chief of NEXUS, Hofstra's yearbook, Teaching Assistant in a Media & Law course at Hofstra, and Arbonne Independent Consultant. She's a member of the Hofstra University Class of 2012.

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