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Livestream is the leading provider for real time event coverage. Their tools make it simple for anyone to broadcast live to the web, and is the destination for the top live content from around the world.

Event organizers, content owners, celebrities and artists around the world use Livestream‘s social broadcasting tools to engage and grow their audiences on the web, mobile devices, and connected TVs. The result has been more than one billion video minutes streamed each month to the growing community of 20 million monthly viewers (50,000 of whom will be watching right this instant).


What can applicants do to stand out when applying for a position at your company?

We want to hire nice, smart, empathetic, friendly people and empower them to do whatever they need to do to take care of someone and turn them into a brand promoter.

Customer Service is the first thing that we look for on a resume. Retail experience is a must – handling customers in real life prepares you for speaking with them over the phone, email, live chat or social media. Tell us an impressive story about a time you saved the day for a customer and you’ll move to the top of our candidates list.


When you apply you should be sure to have the following experience to be considered for many of our positions:
– Live Video Experience in some capacity (even using our own apps to stream anything at all!)
– Ability to work early evenings and on weekends
– Willingness to learn about operations and how our business functions on a day to day – don’t hold back.
– Customer Service Experience in any capacity. Tell us about how you saved a customer’s day! The more creative the better.
– Competitiveness. Customer Care will often have ‘ninja battles’. Who can respond to the most emails in an hour with the best feedback? We also need someone to play ping-pong against!

10333410_1439350982990105_2957953411490477672_o At the end of the day, we’re looking for candidates who want to push the bar and keep other employees on their toes. Initiative is everything. Don’t be afraid to speak up – we take feedback very seriously. If there is a process or a task that doesn’t make sense, we are fortunate to have the flexibility to change for the better.

Thanks to Laura Marciano for answering the questions on behalf of the Livestream team.

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