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rocReturn on Change is one of the coolest online funding platforms. ROC specifically deals with start-up businesses; it allows those who want to start a business to focus on growing their ideas while easily raising capital, and lets accredited investors who are looking for the next big thing in the business world check out the in-depth profiles of new enterprises and give money to those they like.

Would you like to work for Return on Change? You can meet their representatives at the Summer Opportunity Mixer, or you can keep reading to find out more about the company’s culture.

NY Creative Interns: How might you describe some general personality traits that all employees at Return on Change have?
Return on Change: We look for people who want to change the world. The company’s mission is to help social entrepreneurs and thus we look for people who are creative, innovative, and unafraid to share their thoughts and ideas.   

Does Return on Change have any company sports teams, committees, or mentor programs for employees?
We always encourage our employees to grow and learn new things. Our CEO recently launched a new initiative asking everyone to list two skills that they wanted to learn, and we have all started taking classes for these skills. Answers ranged from learning Adobe Photoshop, learning a new language, to learning finance.

What are the best benefits/ perks of working at Return on Change?
Return on Change is a startup itself; we’re a small team of seven. One of the best benefits is working right alongside the CEO, the programmers, the branding team, and the strategy team. All of us come from various backgrounds and any employee will experience first-hand what it’s like working with these teams. We have a very open culture and it will be an invaluable experience where you’ll have the chance to learn how all these departments work together to keep a business running. Working with us would be a great opportunity, especially for those who are looking to open up their own business one day. You would also have the opportunity to work in a company that’s at the forefront of changing startup finance and democratizing the way entrepreneurs find capital to grow their business.

We also have no official policy on vacation days. Our philosophy is that as long as the work gets done the employee can take his/her vacation as they see fit. Return on Change also works out of the co-working space, the Centre for Social Innovation in Chelsea, so our employees are surrounded by fellow social innovators, opening up the opportunity to network and collaborate.


 Centre for Social Innovation

Thanks to Grace Kim for answering the questions on behalf of the Return on Change team.

Do you have any questions for the Return on Change team? Post them in the comments, or ask a representative directly at the Summer Opportunity Mixer on July 31st.


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