NYCi Meetup #3: Become an Interview Ninja Recap + Photos

After our first two big events (our Kickoff party and Risks panel both had between 100-150 people) we wanted to try hosting a small event. Luckily, Claudia El Amrani of Creative Solutions Services, LLC reached out to us to offer their wonderful space for our third event. We decided it was the perfect opportunity to host an interview workshop!

The event went over extremely well! Guests were welcomed with free refreshments care of PicScout, a free copy of “Winning Job Interviews” from Career Press, and five lucky attendees won premium memberships to

Our Professionals included David Gaspin of Condé Nast, Bianca Livi of Google, Jacques Aboaf of, Claudia El Amrani of Creative Solutions Services, LLC, and Kayleigh Minicozzi of Teach for America.

The event opened with a panel where we asked questions from “what is the one thing that will get your resume automatically tossed?” to “are informational interviews still appropriate in this day and age?” Full video of the panel is below!

Become an Interview Ninja from Marny Smith on Vimeo.

Next, each attendee participated in a one on one mock interview with one of the professionals, which included getting tips on how to improve at the end of the session.

We received such great feedback from attendees and our professional guests that we will likely make this the theme of every third or fourth meetup, getting new speakers each time!

They (the speakers) were really knowledgeable, friendly, and genuinely helped. Many stayed after the allotted amount of time to get feedback from the interns and to just talk about their craft. – Virginia

So much helpful insider advice that will save me a lot of time in the future, and help me get jobs! – Kitty Thorton

I thought this event was very helpful and I got a lot out of listening to the panel and chatting with fellow attendees. It’s a comforting feeling knowing you’re not alone in the job hunt struggle and I learned a few great tips to take with me on my next interview. Thanks =)Kendra

Click here to see more photos from the event!

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