Sell Yourself Without Selling Out at Etsy HQ

We are ecstatic to announce that our NY Creative Interns Meetup #4 is taking place at Etsy Headquarters in Brooklyn!

In a world where digital rules, how can you take your creative project and do something with it?  If you call yourself an artist (and we’re all artists in our own right) – what are the best ways to make the digital landscape your friend?  Join NY Creative Interns and Etsy to hear a panel of artists share insight and discuss how even the most traditional art forms can have a place in the digital age.


Ruben Quinones // Director of New Media, Path Interactive, NYU Adjunct Professor
Jacob Krupnick
// Girl Walk All Day, Shootbooth
Parris Whittingham // New York Wedding Photographer
Katherine Barna // Communications Director, Tumblr

We’ll be talking about

  • Various platforms traditional or not, that you can use to showcase your work
  • Case studies of what’s worked and what hasn’t
  • How to be successful in managing those platforms
  • and more!

Of course one of our favorite parts of our events is the chance to meet tons of really great people. There will be time for mingling before and after the panel so you can chat with panelists, the NYCi team, and fellow NYCi members.

If you’d like to make an internship announcement, fill out this form.

Leading up to the event we’ll be profiling our panelists. If you have any questions for them before the event let us know in the comments, on facebook, or send us a tweet!

RSVP here! Space is limited!

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