Onboarding Swag & New Hire Kits Employees and Interns are Sure to Share on Social Media

This article is in collaboration with our partner, Arrow Promotional, your go-to partner for new hire kits and onboarding swag. Head to arrowpromotional.com/newhirekits and mention FindSpark for an exclusive discount on your first order.

There’s no better advertising for your employer brand than happy employees — except for happy employees wearing your branded swag. Give your new hires some love and earn extra promo in the process by stacking their desk with free company swag on their first day that they will actually want to show their friends. Creating a great unboxing experience can help you gain a longer-lasting employee and some social media followers from how #instagrammable the setup is.

If creating a swag box sounds overwhelming, that’s because it can be. That’s why our partner Arrow Promotional created their New Hire Kits — to make this part of onboarding easy for talent and HR professionals.

From intern classes to full-time hires, here are items to include and consider — and yes, that includes the actual box. Goal? Make it so nice that they keep that, too.

Company Logo T-Shirts and Sweatshirts

For those “work from home” days or their daily dog-walk. A good shirt never goes out of style, and your brand will be featured wherever your new hiree goes with it on.

Desk Plant Featuring Your Brand Name

Indoor plants are happening right now, so bring a little life into the office for your new hirees. Check out these fun and functional planters from Arrow Promotional, an online shop for companies that want the best merch with their name on it.

Branded Baseball Caps

Casual Fridays? Meet the branded cap. Your company name will be your new hiree’s go-to when they’re looking for a sporty way to dress-down.

Water Bottle with Reusable Straws

The newest star in social-media friendly swag — reusable straws. Help your team members save the environment. These brandable, reusable, and collapsible straws from Arrow Promotional are perfect. Same goes for quality water bottles — something everyone needs!

Wireless Bluetooth Speakers & Headphones

These are the ideal employee gift for the after-work hours when your employees are cooking up dinner, hosting friends, or relaxing with a late-night cocktail. Your new hires will thank you for providing their evening soundtrack, and these brandable speakers from Arrow Promotional will have them rocking out all night long.

Legit Backpacks

A solid backpack is a new employee’s dream. This high-quality item isn’t the typical item new team members expect to receive (like pens and notebooks, which are also practical). So get to surprising and delighting by including this in your new hire kit.

At the end of the day, your new employees will feel welcome if the environment you create is welcoming, but company swag always makes the transition easier. Make your hirees feel like part of the team with branded pieces they can show friends, family, and their followers!

Keep scrolling for more great examples of New Hire Kits made by Arrow Promotional.

Arrow Promotional, in business since 1961, knows how to help you welcome your new employees. From onboarding swag to corporate gifts, and custom apparel, the Arrow team has you covered. Arrow has recently taken their onboarding services to the next level by taking the guesswork out of onboarding swag with their New Hire Kit Program. Check it out at arrowpromotional.com/newhirekits and mention FindSpark for an exclusive discount on your first order.

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