Panelist Profile: Amy Vernon of Hasai Inc.

We are very excited to share our next panelist profile with you all for next week’s event: How to Survive Internet Week: Using Social Media to Make Offline Connections on Monday June 6th, 4 pm. More information here.

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Amy Vernon

Just two and a half years ago, Amy was just another ink-stained wretch, toiling in the newsroom of another dying newspaper. Today, she is internationally known in social media circles. Why? Because she took the initiative to become an social media expert when social media was totally new. We are ecstatic that she’ll be joining us!

What Internet Week NY panel are you looking forward to the most?

I’m really looking forward to Realtime NY11 (formerly Twtrcon), a full-day conference (which I’m ducking out on a wee bit early to make it to our panel!). I go to most conferences almost more for the networking than the sessions, but this one is a hardcore day of useful info.

What is the most memorable conference you’ve been to?
My first social media conference was BlogWorld Expo in 2009 in Las Vegas, but even before that, I attended a Mashable event that was part of Social Media Week in NYC back in February 2009. I’d been to journalism conferences before, however, such as Investigative Reporters and Editors in Miami another lifetime ago (seriously, I can’t remember the year, but it was in the mid-1990s).

Number #1 networking tip?

Be yourself. Unless you’re a jerk. In which case, be polite.
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