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We are thrilled to announce that the panel for our Interview Workshop, is made up of four amazingly intelligent creative professionals.

In the days leading up to the event we will be profiling the panelists here. We hope that reading just a bit about their backgrounds will get you nice and fired up to see them in person on January 11th. RSVP here.

This week we’d like to introduce you to DIANA ANTHOLIS.

What is your current position?
Founder of Enter: Adulthood, Strategy Consultant at Performance Advantage Inc., Wellness Coach and Personal Trainer at

What is the best part of your job?
Helping people become their best selves. Often we struggle with insecurity and a lack of confidence. My job is to help people understand their fullest potential and give them skills, tips, and the boost they need to rock their lives – whether that be during an interview, in communicating with your boss, or taking control of your health and work/life balance.

Can you tell us a funny interview story about yourself or someone you interviewed?
One interview I went on turned into a venting/therapy session for my potential new boss. She unloaded everything that had been bothering her about her job and the company. I was shocked she was telling me all of this because she is supposed to be selling me on the company!! There was one aspect of the job that she mentioned in her venting that I was not happy about and turned down the position when they offered it to me. But they wanted me in the position and offered to compromise. We reached terms we were both happy with and I took the job. There are two lessons here: 1) Really listen to what your interviewer is saying and read between the lines to see if you will be happy at the job. 2) Negotiate and compromise on terms that you are happy with. There is usually always room for negotiation. For me, it was my hours, for you it may be something else.

What are you looking forward to most at the Interview Workshop?
At the Interview Workshop, I’m interesting in hearing what young people are concerned about. There is so much interview and job search advice out there that it is hard to soak it all in. I am looking forward to talking to some people individually to offer tips specific to them. While there are general “rules,” it is important to always stay true to yourself.

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