Panelist Profile: Jacob Krupnick of Girl Walk // All Day

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Sell Yourself without Selling Out: Making It as an Artist in the Digital Age

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First up, Jacob Krupnick of Girl Walk // All Day!

What is your current position?
Like many freelancers, I have a lot of projects I’m working on. I’m currently preparing to direct my first full-length film — really an extended music video — called Girl Walk // All Day. I also run a photobooth rental business called Shootbooth.

What are the last three companies you’ve worked for/projects you’ve worked on?
I spent last year devoted to Subports, a technology startup that worked in mobile commerce. That’s been my only “job job” aside from a wide range of freelance photography / art / design work.

How has the rise of digital media helped you advance in your profession?
Digital technology has allowed me to self-manage my little photography business, and it’s enabled a very quick turnaround of work. Where older photographers were turning around jobs in a week or two, when I began shooting profesionally, I developed a workflow and used web resources to get work to my clients in a day or two. Most people struggle with things like organizing their photos, and understanding when to use hi-res or low-res images. When I shoot a wedding, or a gallery installation, or a photobooth job, I make sure my clients get work in the formats and sizes that are clearly labeled and most helpful for them.

On the social network side: I think the value of facebook, flickr, blogs, and personal portfolios is undeniable. I haven’t been especially active across all these platforms, but have definitely connected with a good number of clients and collaborators on facebook. Which is funny, because I find facebook a compromising and rather loathsome place for self-representation.

What are your favorite websites/blogs to read?

I spend a lot of time reading the NY Times — the news, editorial columns, and special blogs. For general interest: Kottke, A Continuous Lean, The Scout, Portable.TV, Nowness, Allography, and music sites like Soul-Sides, Beats In Space, and Pitchfork.
If you could describe yourself in one sentence…?
Jacob Krupnick likes everything bagels, visual storytelling, riding his bike, and most of all, his wife, Youngna.

What was most exciting to you about the chance to participate in our panel, Selling Yourself Without Selling Out: Making it as an Artist in the Digital Age?
{no answer… yet}


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We look forward to hearing Jacob speak in person on April 26th at 6:30pm at Etsy HQ. For more details about the event and to RSVP, click here.



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