Panelist Profile: Leigh Ann Tucker, Co-Founder of THE WAY WE SEE THE WORLD

Our next panel, Start Something: Why Every Creative Needs To Be An Entrepreneur, will be an exciting dive into how a creative person can follow their passion and start something from nothing. Join us on Wednesday, September 21 at 6:30pm at the New School (rsvp here).

We are proud to present our first panelist profile: Leigh Ann Tucker, Co-Founder of THE WAY WE SEE THE WORLD, a product and concept design studio know for their edible cups and the phonekerchief. Tucker was raised in Marietta, Georgia and is a graduate of Parson’s product design program.

What is your current role?
Designer / Project Director / Finance Director

What makes you feel creative?
Walking around the city, having a lot of different projects to work on, and grocery shopping.

When did you know you wanted to “start something?”
I think even before college I knew I wanted to “start something,” but it was the summer before our last year at Parsons that my three partners and I began to seriously talk about starting THE WAY WE SEE THE WORLD together.

Leigh AnnTucker NY Creative Interns

How do you keep a balance of being productive and finding inspiration?
As much as possible, I try to go with how I am feeling at the time. If I wake up feeling like writing proposals, that is what I do; if I wake up feeling unfocused, I take the opportunity to get out and gather research and inspiration.

What was most exciting to you about the chance to participate in our panel, Start Something: Why Every Creative Needs To Be An Entrepreneur?
I’m really excited to be able to share experiences and learn from others how their ideas are being being realized. It’s always interesting to see peoples’ unique approaches to entrepreneurship.

Do you have any questions for Leigh Ann? Ask them in the comments and we’ll make sure to ask them at the event. Click here to RSVP.

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