Panelist Profile: Wendy Wecksell of Tribeca Enterprises

We are thrilled to announce that the panel for our next Meetup is made up of four amazingly talented, diverse, creative professionals.

RSVP here for The Failure Method: Why Taking Risks is Important to Being Successful

In the weeks leading up to the event we will be profiling the panelists here. We hope that reading just a bit about their backgrounds will get you nice and fired up to see them in person on February 16th.

This week, Wendy Wecksell!

What is your current position?

Manager of Corporate Development, Tribeca Enterprises

What are the last three companies you’ve worked with or for?
Since I’ve graduated, I’ve just spent time at Tribeca Enteprises, but I work with the non-profit the Acumen Fund and am a Co-Founder of the underground dining club, apt4 food and wine, during my “free” time.

What was the last risk you took (big or small!)?
I spend my life taking risks because risks are the quickest and most efficient way to learn. If you don’t take a risk, you don’t grow as a professional, but most importantly, as a person. In terms of the latest risk I’ve taken, it’s probably been my current apprenticeship at the Michelin star restaurant, Convivio. I trail and work in the kitchen on Saturday nights from 3-midnight. For anyone who thought their desk or freelance job was challenging, he/she hasn’t entered a bustling NYC kitchen.

What are your favorite websites/blogs to read?

If you could describe yourself in one sentence…?
I’m someone who believes in the power of hard work and genuine relationships to get things done–all the while you make mistakes, laugh, and learn along the way.

What was most exciting to you about the chance to participate in our panel, The Failure Method: Why Taking Risks is Important to Being Successful?
First of all, I think we need to replace the word “failure” with “process.” Yes, you make mistakes and things don’t work out the way you expect them to–they never will–but “failure” is just one step in the “process” towards success. Once you change your outlook, so that the work process becomes a learning process, the prospect of “failure” becomes a lot less daunting and “success” becomes a lot more grounded in reality.

Do you have a question for Wendy? Let us know in the comments and we’ll be sure to ask her the night of the event!

We look forward to hearing Wendy speak in person on February 16th at 6:30pm at Meetup HQ. For more details about the event and to RSVP, click here.

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