27 People You Should Really Reconnect With

Your network is your support system. They are there to guide you through your career; the ups and the downs.

Yet, we can all agree it’s tough to not only maintain your network, but to meet new people as well. Between actually work and family, meeting up with your professional connections (who might hopefully also borderline on friends, or be your friends) is easy to put off.

The thing is, you need to make sure you’re staying in touch with people when you don’t actually need anything. Your network will be less likely to support you if you aren’t staying in touch.

Plus, it is actually fun to reconnect with people who are genuinely interesting!


Today is the day to start asking people to meet for coffee, or if they are too far, reconnect digitally. We’ve made a list of 27 people who you can reach out to and reconnect with; even if it’s just on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Bookmark this as a reminder when you need networking inspiration.

Our challenge to you: reconnect with at least five of these people before the end of the year. Post on social with the hashtag #FindSpark when you do!


  1. That professor who wrote your first recommendation letter
  2. Someone you hit it off with instantly at a networking event
  3. Your supervisor who really had an impact in helping you figure out what you want to do
  4. The person with the cool business cards you met at your last networking event
  5. Your favorite professor that taught that class outside of your major
  6. That person who kept you sane during a group project
  7. Someone who came to your class or job as a guest speaker who really influenced you
  8. Your school advisor who made sure you completed your degree
  9. An executive board member of that club you may or may not still be involved in
  10. A friend you made when you traveled abroad
  11. Someone you work with who really inspires you but isn’t on your floor or in your department
  12. The informational interview that actually went really well, that person
  13. The RA that helped you work out your roommate drama
  14. The person your mom/dad keeps trying to obnoxiously / sweetly connect you with
  15. A friend you made during a Twitter chat
  16. Your favorite person from college orientation you lost touch with
  17. Someone who you sat next to during a super boring class and always kept things interesting
  18. A friend from the gym who you chat with during classes but haven’t met up with yet
  19. Colleague from your first job you collabed on a project with
  20. Someone high-up where you work
  21. That interesting person you met on that sports team you played on
  22. Someone who you admired and reached out to on LinkedIn
  23. A connection you made during a FindSpark virtual event
  24. That senior you looked up to as a freshman
  25. Someone you can’t remember how you started following, but you love their Instagram
  26. That one person from high school who actually does something you’re interested in
  27. A friend who graduated before you and has a job you think is cool

Not sure how to reach out? Here are some tips on how to follow up with these people and how to maintain a strong network.

FindSpark challenges you to reconnect with at least five of these people. Post on social with the hashtag #FindSpark when you do!


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