How to Practice Career-Themed Self-Love

On Valentine’s Day, we often focus on our partner, the fact that we don’t have an SO, or the 50% off sale on all the Valentine’s Day candy.

This Valentine’s Day, no matter what your romantic status is, use the day as an opportunity to practice some self-love, and self-improvement (with your online profiles, and in person encounters). This doesn’t need to just be in the form of bubbly baths and bottomless Reese’s Peanut Butter hearts.

Take some time to give your career and work-life some “me” time with the following tips:

Update your resume with some of your recent accomplishments

Add your newest accomplishment to LinkedIn

Update your about page on your Wix website and make sure you make it a little more clear how awesome you are

Get a full 6 to 8 hours sleep

Take a full hour lunch break

Treat yourself to a fancy coffee on the way into work

Buy a ticket to that networking event you’ve been wanting to go to

Go on a date after work with your work wife or work husband