Pre-Interview Tips and Tricks

Little things to do before the interview that will bring a sparkle to your eye, a spring in your step, and confidence oozing out of your pores.

1. Listen to music right before the interview, preferably something that makes you want to fist pump slightly.  The idea is that it gets you energized and less nervous.  My favorite is Hot Chip’s “Over and Over”.  Make sure you do this on the train or in the cab while on the way – don’t walk into the office with earbuds in!

2. Not only should you comb through the company’s site before the interview, but you should comb through your own. You feel a little less nervous when you read through your resume and remember that you do have relevant experience.  It is also good to help refresh your memory so you don’t forget during the interview.

3. The night before the interview, look up directions on how to get to the office and make sure you leave plenty of time to get there.  You should be at the interview 10 – 15 minutes before it starts.  It will also alleviate stress about the interview.  For tips on the best way to commute and what to use to get directions, read Nick’s article The Commuter’s Survival Guide.

4. Wear something that makes you feel sharp.  When I first started doing interviews, I usually had to buy something new since my wardrobe consisted of band t-shirts and jean skirts.  Whether it was new tights or bag, I felt awesome.  Now, most of us really don’t have the money to buy new clothing every time you do an interview, but make sure what you do choose to wear makes you look sharp. Yes, wear a business suit (everyone looks awesome in a business suit), fix your hair (you want to impress), and make sure everything is free of wrinkles, dirt, and store tags.

5. Think about the good times you have had, not the bad.  No one likes a debbie-downer and no one wants to FEEL like a debbie-downer.  If you walk in thinking about how you really need an internship and how stressed you are and the fact the last one left something to be desired, it will read all over your face.  So make sure you remember stay positive about your past experience – you can always say you learned how to work in a professional environment and the internship helped “build your character.”

These are just a few tips out there – feel free to add your own tips as a comment.  You never know, we might feature them in an upcoming blog entry!

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