Helpful Tips for Getting the Most out of a Conference

This post was written in preparation for the second installment of our full-day conference, Find & Follow Your Passion on Saturday, November 8th, 2012.

Who’s ready to get their connections on at the Find & Follow Your Passion conference this Saturday? We know we are.  We’re super excited to meet all of you in person and share an amazing day filled with panels hosted by some of New York’s most brilliant and creative people, a wonderful career fair, and most importantly, networking with fellow creatives (and second most important, tasty snacks.)

Are you prepared to get the most out of Find & Follow Your Passion? Here are some tips to help you meet, tweet, and stay on your feet during the conference:

1) Have Your Business Cards Handy
We have over 450 people attending the conference this year; that’s a lot of names to remember. To make it easier for everyone (especially possible employers at the career fair) to remember you, have your business cards at the ready. We recommend getting a protective case for your cards so they don’t get bent in a pocket or purse (like this one). Don’t have business cards yet? You can rush order some at one of these sites:,, Or, you can design and print your own business cards at home using

2) Find Your Panels and Check out the Guest List
We have some incredible creatives joining us on Saturday and we have some top notch panels all ready for your viewing pleasure. Plan your day around the topics you’re interested in and the creatives who will inspire you; view the schedule here and see the list of speakers here. Feel free to reach out to them before, during, and after the conference.

3) Tweet til the Last Panel Ends
Use social media to make an outstanding impression on potential employers. Whether it’s a Facebook mention, a Tweet, or a +1 on Google+, employers love to see that you’re actively connecting with others and constantly learning by attending conferences like Find & Follow Your Passion (trust us). Use #FindPassion  or mention @NYCinterns on Twitter and post about the conference on Facebook and Google+ to show employers how involved you are with the creative scene. Don’t forget to update your LinkedIn profile and check into Pratt Institute on Foursquare when you arrive.

4) Refresh Your Memory with Tips About Networking
We’ve written many posts on networking, from How to Take Connections to the Next Level to Why You Should Think of Networking as Making Friends. Review them all before the conference and make sure your networking skills are in tip-top shape: How To Turn Conversations into Opportunities, ROI in Terms of Networking, Communicating Effectively to Gain Audiences and Support, and Seven Surefire Ways to Rock a Conference.

5) Don’t get Caught Snoring or Sitting on the Flooring
 Conferences can be exhausting, especially since you’re so engaged with everything that’s going on around you. Don’t forget to eat properly and drink plenty of water throughout the day so you can keep energized. Have a healthy breakfast then get some lunch at one of the restaurants near Pratt Institute.

6) Dress to Impress and Express Success
The dress code for Find & Follow Your Passion is business casual. But remember, “business” doesn’t have to mean “uncomfortable.” Find something that you’ll be OK wearing the whole day; that means shoes you can walk in, ladies. We recommend flats for the day or low heels if you so choose. And don’t forget your two most important accessories: eye contact and a smile.

Follow these helpful tips and you’ll be sure to have a great time at Find & Follow Your Passion.

See you there.


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Steph Lippitt attended Hofstra University, where she triple-majored in Publishing, Creative Writing, and living off of less than four hours of sleep a night. She was lucky enough to get internships at three incredible companies: DC Comics, Marvel Comics, and Sterling Publishing. Steph is currently the Education Assistant for Mediabistro, though she is also a Lead Blogger for NY Creative Interns and a regular volunteer for various comic conventions (New York Comic Con, MoCCA Fest). Steph enjoys reading every little bit of text she can possibly find, eating delicious and exotic-sounding foods, and going on random adventures in and around New York City. She also really appreciates air conditioning/space heaters in their respective seasons and loves writing about herself in the third person for blog bios.

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