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Launch Your Creative Career in NYC with #FINDSPARKFEST

The Concept of Fit. March 20, 2015.

4 Things Employers Wish They Saw on Your Resume

Her Campus. January 31, 2015.

The 10 Best Websites For Finding An Internship

Forbes. January 30, 2015.

A Resource for Creative Minds

UCONN. October 21, 2014.

How to Find Your Dream Job

Outside Live Bravely. October 01, 2014.

5 Ways to Fight Senioritis & Land a Job After Graduation

Her Campus. August 30, 2014.

8 Things You Should Never Do at Work

Her Campus. July 30, 2014.

This FindSpark’s Summer Mixer was an eye-opener

The Hang NY. July 28, 2014

What are recruiters looking for in a resume? Here are 5 tips from experts at L’Oreal, CBS and Nielsen

The Hang NY. July 20, 2014

5 Ways to Impress a Tough Boss

The Huffington Post. July 09, 2014

The 10 Best Places to Find Fashion Internships Online

Style Caster. July 02, 2014

12 Public Relations Questions & Answers to Jump Start Your PR Career

Skilledup. May 2014.

Profiles of Youth Leaders Forum at the International Young Leaders Assembly at the UN

Global Peace Youth. April 28, 2014.

How to Find an Internship at the Last Minute

Her Campus via Huffington Post. April 4, 2014.

Check Out the FindSpark Job Board

College CFO. March 29, 2014.

6 Surprising Things That Turn Employers Off

Her Campus via Huffington Post. March 12, 2014

7 Surprising Things That Turn Employers Off

Her Campus. March 5, 2014.

5 Surprising Things That Turn Employers Off

USA Today. March 10, 2014.

For Interns, All Work and No Payoff

The New York Times. February 14, 2014.

Find an Internship–5 Resources to Explore

CCNY Journalism. February 3, 2014.

What’s On Your Phone: Emily Miethner, Founder of FindSpark

Yapp Blog. December 4, 2013.

Hofstra Alumni Help Headline Find & Follow Your Passion Conference in NYC, Nov. 9

News@Hofstra. November 8, 2013.

Julia Robbs and FindSpark Event 

Tattly Blog. September 27, 2013.

Advice to FindSpark

Gary Vaynerchuk. September 16, 2013.

A Shocking Number Of Unpaid Internships Could Be Illegal

Business Insider. June 24, 2013.

Business cards see rebirth in digital age

NYC: Long Island. May 31, 2013.

Where to Find NYC Internships

NYC: Manhattan. March, 2013.

Three ways to engage your community Blog. February, 2013.

Show me the money: Are unpaid internships unfair?

Al Jazeera, The Stream. January, 2013.

Design Your Future: FindSpark

Hofstra Pulse. December, 2012.

Take charge of your personal online brand

Newsday. September, 2012.

Go From Intern to Full-Time Employee in 8 Easy Steps

Mashable. September 2012.

The College Guide to Mixing and Mingling in New York City

DNAInfo. August 2012.

7 Interns Share Why They Love Working at a Startup

Skillshare Blog. August 2012.

Interview to the Top Recap

Baby Food for Creatives. July 2012.

Start Earning Money From Your Passion

U.S. NEWS. June 2012.

Advice and Inspiration for Job Seekers at FindSpark “Find and Follow Your Passion”

Graphic Design. April 2012.

Helping Creative Workers Find the Right Job

Newsday. April 2012.

Find + Follow Your Passion: A Conference by FindSpark

Quality Control. April 2012.

Interview with Emily Miethner

We Are NY Tech. March 2012.

Interview with Marny Smith

We Are NY Tech. February 2012.

How She Got There: Emily Miethner, Founder/President of FindSpark

Her Campus. December 2011.

Designers Are The New Drivers Of American Entrepreneurialism

Fastcodesign. October 2011.

Start Something: Why Every Creative Needs to Be an Entrepreneur

560 Parson’s School of Fashion. September 2011.

NYC Interns Hash It Up: The Finale

M Booth. August 2011.

Goooood Morning, Silicon Alley! Gary Sharma’s Picks for the Week of August 1: Gary’s Birthday Edition

Beta Beat. August 2011.

FindSpark Panel Event, Tuesday 4/26

The Magazine of Art, Media, and Technology at Parsons. April, 2011.

Classes O’ the (4-Day) Week!

Skillshare Blog. July 2011.

HerGirlFriday’s Internet Week Picks

Her Girl Friday. June 2011.

FindSpark Presents “Sell Yourself Without Selling Out: Making It as An Artist in the Digital Age.”

Core77. April 2011.