Prove You’re A Great Fit for the Role With These Tips from an HR Director

Agency Within is a performance-based, data-driven digital agency that helps companies thrive clients thrive in the ever-changing digital space with solutions in paid search, social, affiliate marketing and more. They’re also a Hustle Summit employer and are always hiring on our FindSpark job board.

In only 3 years, Agency Within grew rapidly from two employees and two clients to thirty employees and thirty clients (and counting). 

Sound like your dream company? Lucky for you, we got all their inside tips on how to stand out and land a job with Agency Within in this interview with Noelle McIsaac, HR Director at Agency Within, who oversees HR and recruitment at Agency Within.

Find out how to make a killer impression online and IRL throughout the hiring process:

Agency Within is a smaller company. How does that impact what you look for in a candidate?

We are very strong-willed when it comes to culture, so being a culture fit is key to getting in the door.

Since we’re constantly and rapidly growing, being able to keep up in a fast-paced environment is also a must. Finally, in any small company, you must be willing and able to wear many different hats, branch out and take on different roles and do so with a positive, can-do attitude.

What can a candidate do to prove that they’re a good fit in the application and interview?

Each part of the application is designed to give us different data points about the candidate and what they can do. We start with a general and/or Excel assessment to gauge the candidate’s general aptitude for the role. We then move on to an in-person interview and finally have them come to the office to see how they perform in our unique, open working environment.

What are some reasons a candidate may not get the job, other than they weren’t a good fit?

Sometimes, we go through the entire hiring process, but ultimately realize that the candidate would not be happy in the role that they’re applying for.

What are some things a candidate has done in the hiring process that’s shown genuine interest in the company and helped them stand out?

One of the biggest things a candidate can do to stand out is to ask lots of smart, insightful questions. This shows us you’re interested in and care about the work you’re doing for us.

People who give us insights into who they are outside of work–what motivates them, quirky facts, etc.–go a long way too.

You hired somebody at our networking event, Hustle Summit! What did she do to stand to you and how can candidates stand out at events like Hustle Summit?

Hustle Summit really set the stage to make awesome connections–the environment is so fun and laid-back, it’s conducive to being yourself and having authentic conversations.

Stephanie (the girl we hired) was very high energy. She spoke to several members of our team and showed genuine interest in what we do. Another thing that helped her stand out was a lovely, custom resume, from which she was able to tell me key points.

I always remember people who I met at Hustle Summit. Even if I only spoke with them for a few minutes, if I see them after the event I always remember who they are.

What can people do after the networking event to stand out?

Always follow up by email. There may not be an exact fit at the company when you apply the first time, but I’ve often passed on great candidates to departments other than the one they applied for, to see if they might be a match for them.

What are some common mistakes that people make in online applications?

Not answering the question. Don’t interpret the question too freely. Always pay attention and give employers the answer they asked for!

What digital etiquette should people practice to stand out?

We won’t raid your Facebook and Instagram, but we pay close attention to your LinkedIn. Make sure it’s updated and showcases your experience, has a good headshot and gives us background about you.

In regards to email, be sure to follow formal email etiquette–show us that you can carry a conversation with a client or manager. Don’t be too informal when you address an employer and definitely, don’t send an angry email to a recruiter just because if they don’t hire you.

Final career wisdom?

It’s tempting to go for jobs that are out of your experience level. However, be willing to pay your dues. Especially in a startup, learn the basics about your role, and become an expert over time. Sometimes the best experience comes from hard work that you may find tough or even “beneath you”.

Ready to put your new job hunt hacks into practice? Check out open roles at Agency Within and more top creative and tech companies on our FindSpark job board today.

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