11 Pugs Who Understand the True Meaning of Side Hustle

Hey there, human.

As you already know, us pugs are renowned for having some pretty awesome (and adorable) side hustles. Many pugs are Instagram celebrities, influencers, actors, and models.

We know that in the human world, it can be ruff to land the job of your dreams. But we also know that having a successful side hustle is a great way to stand out and get people to notice you in a competitive industry. Which, let’s face it–what industry isn’t these days?

Lots of humans have a degree, a good GPA and a few cool career accomplishments. But, if you’re going for the win–if you really want to land that all-amazing dream job–you have to cut through the crowd by doing something different.

That’s why we’ve put together this article with our best ideas on how to choose and launch a great side hustle and stand out–pug style.

Become Insta Famous

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Turn your travel, food or lifestyle into a killer Instagram account. This is a simple way to develop a great personal brand and show off your social media skills.


Participate or pitch your own independent study at school

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You don’t have to be a scientist to do research. Even if you’re in a creative field, you can research trends and develop an interesting thesis about where the industry is going to show off your critical thinking and writing chops.


Tutor people

Giving test prep or language lessons in your town or university can help you hone lesson planning, communication, and entrepreneurial skills (and score some sweet extra cash).



pugs, side hustle, career, side gigs, freelance

Find venues where you can perform, display your art or recite your writing–open mic anyone? If you get footage, share it on social media and/or your personal site.


Bake up a storm

Have an oven? Baking for a cause or to earn some extra cash is an awesome way to show off your entrepreneurial spirit, not to mention, great taste.



Fancy yourself a bit of a mother hen? Babysitting is a great, flexible side gig, a fine way to earn extra cash, and an opportunity to teach a little one language, music, writing or any other skills you have.

Now that your imagination is flowing with great side hustle ideas, let’s go over how to get it off the ground!

Launch a personal site

pugs, side hustle, career, side gigs, freelance

People aren’t going to magically know that you have a side hustle–you have to sell it! Start by creating a stunning, free website on Wix.com. Add your resume, skills, and best design/writing/strategy/music or other side hustle samples. Don’t have samples yet? no worries! There’s plenty of ways to show off your skills, even when you don’t have a ton of experience.


Get organized!

pugs, side hustle, career, side gigs, freelance

Having a side hustle can be time-consuming. Keep yourself on track with a detailed physical and/or digital calendar for both short and long-term goals.


Negotiate, if you need to

pugs, side hustle, career, side gigs, freelance

It’s perfectly fine to do pro-bono work for a cause or if you need the experience, but you can also ask to be compensated for your side hustle. Especially if you’d like it to be your job someday. Not sure how to negotiate a fair rate or salary? Check out our negotiation tips here. 

Have other side hustle tips or ideas that I puggot to mention? Share them in the comments!
pugs, side hustle, career, side gigs, freelance

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