How to Reach Out to the Person Who Has Your Dream Job


Do you have a job title you dream about? Even though we can’t predict the future, having a specific goal in mind is the best way to stay motivated.  Meeting the person who has your dream job is the easiest way to find out if your goals are attainable. A meeting like this could help direct you on a path towards your goals and possibly set you up to have a mentor

Here are our best strategies for getting that person to meet with you. 

Do some LinkedIn Investigating 


LinkedIn has advanced search filters that allow you to search by company, job title, school and more. If you plug in your dream industry, company or a few keywords you can find profiles of professionals with your dream career. If you have mutual connections ask them to introduce you via email or connect on LinkedIn and send them a personal message highlighting your interest in their field. You never know who your network could be connected to.

Compliment their work


If they post about projects they’re working on or have their work covered elsewhere, it’s great to share what they’re doing with a nice compliment. You want to express your interest in their work and get on their radar. Keep in mind boundaries when communicating with a connection. You never want to creep out a potential mentor.

Ask to get coffee (Digitally or IRL)


Reach out to set up an Informational Interview. In your message, be sure to express your interest in their industry, examples of how you’re working towards your goal and what you’re hoping to get out of your meeting. Be sure to go to this meeting with an open mind and lots of interesting questions!

Be Patient


If you’re reaching out to someone at a Manager or Director level chances are they’re very busy, so you may not get a response immediately. Be patient and remember to follow up if some time has passed.

Say Thank You


Send a personal thank you email after your meeting showing your appreciation for their time. You want to build a professional relationship with this person, so don’t stop after just one meeting. Reach out periodically to share advancements you’re making in your career or projects you’re working on. Keep tabs on them via LinkedIn or other social media to congratulate them when something exciting happens in their career. If things go really well, ask them to be your mentor.

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