5 Baruch College Students Share the Stories Behind Their Hustle

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The hustle is eventually about fighting the good fight and persisting to the end. As a college student who commutes endlessly through public transit, I understand the frustration. We wind up dealing with uncalled challenges in order to get ahead. I think the most frustrating of all is figuring out how to balance all of our commitments. When in the path of struggle, I realize how much everyone is suffering a similar fate to the point that they are no longer motivated to move forward. Seeing how my college community continues to front and bury their suffrage, I have taken upon the continuation of an old campaign, Baruch We Hustle, to our community page, Humans of Baruch.

As Humans of Baruch has a solid history featuring Baruch students with interesting backgrounds, Baruch We Hustle is an extended platform that strives to inspire others to hustle by sharing stories of students behind their hustle. At the moment when I decided to continue this campaign founded by my strong hustler friend, Jon Park, I knew this project can give people the missing trigger they need to hustle again. Through conducting interviews with five very diverse students of Baruch College, I learned a detailed lesson from their stories that I listened and felt. Here’s the five emotional triggers:

1. Hustle is Passion on Fire

Love is friendship on fire as to hustle is passion on fire. This chemical reaction is the ultimate formula of why we hustle the way we do. Through Meghan’s story, a big part of why she hustled was because of her mom’s inspirational example. No matter how many odd jobs we have taken, it all counts for experience points. As long as we keep our burning passion lit, we can one day reach our end-goal.

Full story here: bit.ly/2idaXkP

2. Be Hungry to Change the World and Achieve a Sense of Justice

Personal values reflect on how much your influences has impacted the way you think, feel and decide on how to live your life. We all have ‘em. In Raymond’s story, he was determined to initiate change, and represent the silent that is of a certain minority group through the power of creative marketing. To this day, he’s hustling hard and staying strong for his community.

Full story here: bit.ly/2zNBoW9

3. Don’t Be Afraid of Death, But Afraid the Unlived Life.

As I quote Natalie Babbitt, the passing of a close relative is one of the deepest cut throat triggers we can ever feel. But it’s this sort of emotional scar that gives us more of a reason to live. For Shiksha, her mom gave her the strength she needed when she felt at her weakest. Often times, we mourn over our loved ones who passed away before us but we look them gratefully as legends who fully lived their lives without a trace of regret.

Full story here: bit.ly/2idTUiK

4. Our Parents are Our Inspiration.

The reoccurring theme of our parents being the muse to our hustle is no doubt one of the common triggers of all. From Michael, he quotes that the way his parents worked to achieve their goal is why he’s super determined to hustle for his dream. Whether it’d be your mom, dad or any guardian who took care of you, they become the influential source to how we develop our values and passion.

Full story here: bit.ly/2zMNGhp

5. The Pain You’ve Been Feeling, Can’t Compare to the Joy That’s Coming.

You are no longer defined by your last success any longer than your last failure. We can’t expect things to go the way we want but we can always choose to make the best out of a worst situation. Zoe strives to establish a better version of herself than she was reflected of her past. This is something that we should all remember when we feel stuck in the mud, that we hustle to improve our lives.

Full story here: bit.ly/2BvH8ks

If you are ever at a point when you are setting back, learn that it is actually okay to make mistakes and fall out of track. Because if you haven’t struggled, you haven’t lived. And when you do live a full life, all the mistakes we made and struggled we face will no longer weigh us down.


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