No Job Yet? Here’s What You Might Be Doing Wrong

So you graduated in May, and you haven’t landed your first out-of-college job yet. You’re not alone – according to the Economic Policy Institute, about 14.5% of recent college graduates are unemployed. But what have those few who’ve landed gigs right away been doing right?


Here are five ways to get from not-so-funemployed to your dream job.

1. Network

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The graduates with jobs have been networking at their internships, in school, and at events. They’ve been going on informational interviews. They have kept in touch with connections they’ve made, and have updated their contacts with their personal and career changes and interests. It’s utterly critical to be meeting new people before and after graduation. You can apply to as many jobs as you want to online, but the gigs truly worth landing are the ones found through people who know you and your skill set.

If you need help with meeting new people or learning how to network in general, we can help.

2. Perfect Your Pitch & Backstory

EVERYONE knows Mr. T, and there really isn’t anyone quite like him. But before he was widely known, he had to work his way to the top. I don’t know what Mr. T’s personal pitch or back story were, but look at the guy. Chances are they were unique, interesting, convincing, and caught the attention of the right people. Mr. T didn’t become who he is now on his own – he had the help of the “right” people (producers, movers and shakers) who believed in him and his character. And he earned their attention because his identity, his “story,” was worth investing in.

Not sure how to get people to invest in you? That’s where we come in.

3. Make Yourself Relevant for the Jobs You Want

Look at this guy. Do you know why he’s a contestant in Prague’s 2014 World Yoyo Contest? Because practice makes perfect and he’s become an excellent contender in yoyo-ing. He’s at the top of his game – an expert in the yoyo community.

Whatever field you want to pursue, no matter what your interests are, try your best to position yourself as an expert. And not just someone who is all talk and no action – have proof! Boast your accomplishments, and make sturdy connections between your field of study, your interests, and that dream job you want. You’ll be a step closer to achieving your goals.

Don’t have anything substantial yet? Let us help you out.

4. Build a Stellar Online Presence & Personal Brand

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Is this a kitten or a lion? It’s a kitten who wants people to believe it’s a lion, so it has branded itself this way! This kitty deserves recognition for its personal branding – it dresses and behaves for the job it wants and is unapologetic. Smart people (or in this case, kittens) are able to communicate to others how they want others to see them. Whether it’s online or in person, people who have built personal brands and have healthy online presences are significantly more likely to have their (positive) reputations precede them.

Learn more about personal branding and online presence with us

5. Ask the Right Questions

It’s tough to figure out what you need to know, if you don’t know what you need to know. Career savvy people ask questions. How much does this pay? Can I negotiate my salary? Will I be compensated for this internship? Will I be paid overtime? What benefit packages do you offer? What company information am I allowed to share with friends or social media? Can we talk about intellectual property?

These questions and many more need answers. And trust us, your employer is expecting you to speak up and ask!

Build your confidence to ask the essential questions

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

If this pole is your career, be this guy. The struggle is real. The balance is difficult. The fall is hard. But that doesn’t stop him from making it to the top, and he lands on his feet (sort of) as a winner.

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