Creative and Useful Swag Ideas Your Company Needs to Try for Recruiting Events

This post is in collaboration with our partner, Arrow Promotional. Whatever your promotional or marketing needs, Arrow Promotional helps you stand out from the crowd. Because, “sometimes a pen just isn’t good enough.”  

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When it comes to awesome recruitment events, like Hustle Summit, taking place in Chicago and New York this summer, you’ve got to do your part to grab attendees’ attention. And nowadays, it takes a lot more to attract pros than just relying on cool signage.

If you want to stand out as an employer at an event, you’ve got to have the one thing that’ll make attendees flock to you, and have something to remember you by as well: swag!

Tired of passing out the standard tote bags and branded sunglasses? We’ve compiled a list of awesome goods that you can give away—before you end the day with a whole new chunk of potential candidates to choose from!


Breath Mints

Nothing kills a budding connection faster than nasty breath. Save the poor souls that favor smelly lunches—and the people that end up speaking with them—with these mini mouth refreshers.


Branded Containers

These are guaranteed to be a huge hit, especially if you fill them with candy or non-perishable treats. Plus, since people reuse items like containers, you can count on them keeping your brand with them for years to come.



Crusty lips shouldn’t ruin someone’s chances at snagging a great job, so help people nip this nasty distractor in the bud.



No one can predict the weather, but you can help attendees prepare for it. You’ll save a ton of nice business casual outfits from getting soaked if it rains the day of the event, so if you’re looking to stick with a simple, practical gift—this is it!


Eye masks

Encourage pros to get a little R&R, especially if they’re currently too busy to plan an actual vacation!


Notebooks & Pens

These never go out of style, especially for students and recent grads that need a place to put their to-do lists.



They look as good on your table as they do on clothes! Use this little guy from Wix as inspo for your pins, if your company doesn’t have any—yet!



Most pros use music to get pumped up before events, so keep them just as energetic after with some unique beats of their own!



What’s better than having cool pros walking around with their brands on their arms? The motivational messages were a hit at Hustle Summit.


A “Giveaway” Gift

Go big or go home. Or better yet, hold a raffle and enable a lucky winner with yet another reason to get so excited about your company that they rush to apply!


Selfie lights

With great selfie shots, come great responsibility, especially if you’re providing the perfect lighting for a photo they’ll be sharing on all their social media channels—making it an even more ideal employer branding opportunity.



Help attendees get a grip on not only their next career move, but on their phones as well!

Photo booth photos

These always attract large groups, and when it comes to speaking to lots of ambitious pros at once, you might as well gather them in one shot (no pun intended).


This is an essential must-have for any happy meet up, especially when you add this next item to the mix…

Snapchat stickers

Pros will be so excited to have these to stick on their backpacks and briefcases, they’ll have #Nofilter when raving about you to friends that didn’t attend.

Charging sticks or station

For pros that are always on the go, ensure that their devices stay just as powered up as they do.


What swag items would you add to the list? Which are you excited to have at your next event? Share in the comments!

This article is in collaboration with our partner, Arrow Promotional, in business since 1961. Whatever your promotional or marketing needs, Arrow Promotional helps you stand out from the crowd. From corporate gifts to trade show giveaways, logoed apparel, and custom pieces, the Arrow team has you covered. Because we understand, “sometimes a pen just isn’t good enough” (although we do have some incredible pens to show you).

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