How to Reduce Job Hunt Stress as a College Senior

If you’re a senior in college, about to finish your studies, and super nervous about landing a job after graduation, take a moment and…breathe.








You’re in the final stretch (congrats!) and however counter-intuitive it may seem, brooding over the job hunt, will not make you more productive. Instead of stressing, take a moment to, once again, breathe and then ask yourself the following questions:

Why am I stressed? Is there a concrete cause (an impending paper or presentation) or is it the general anxiety of being an incoming grad, creeping up?

What can I can do to minimize stress? Think of one short-term solution, and one long-term solution.

Life doesn’t suddenly become stress-free when you finish college and land a job. In fact, there are many reasons why some would say it gets even more stressful. Now is the time to learn how to minimize and eliminate stress while it’s still manageable.

Have I done everything I can to prepare for success? If you have, take a breather, and patiently await next steps. If not, what’s left to do and how can I organize it into manageable tasks? If you need actionable job hunt tips, here are a few areas we can help with:

Time management and stress reduction

How to survive the job hunt in college and make the most out of your senior year
The best ways to beat job hunt stress and practice self care

Resume Tips

How to supercharge your resume with action verbs
How to make your resume one page

Interview Tips

The best places to research a company before an interview
Smart, non-obvious interview questions to ask and impress employers

Networking Tips

The best excuses to reach out to people you admire
21 questions to at networking events

When it feels impossible to accomplish all your big, important career goals, remember: no one built the career that they now have overnight. It took years of hard work and trial and error to achieve a star-studded career or land an awesome job.

Every time you feel stress, anxiety or panic rear its ugly head, pause, take a deep breath and ponder the source of your stress. Armed with these questions, you’ll be able to manage stress in the moment, over time and throughout your career.

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