Vicki Aubin: Rockin’ Career Coach

Get sure-fire interview tips and strategies from career coach and recruiter Vicki Aubin.
Vicki Aubin
Vicki Aubin

The Rockin’ Career Coach

Join Vicki Aubin, Career Coach and Former Recruiter/Headhunter, as she goes deep inside the mind of recruiters, hiring managers and HR professionals . Culminated from her 10+ years in Human Resources and Recruiting (Campus, Experienced, Executive Headhunting), this supercharged seminar will help you axe your anxiety, boost your confidence and catapult your candidacy to GET THE JOB OFFER.

“The Fast-track ‘Facelift’ to Unlock your Dream Job”

Recruiter LinkedIn Secrets to Fire Up Your Professional Image and Fast-Track Your Job Search

These days *97% of recruiters are on LinkedIn, and *64% of them are using it EXCLUSIVELY to find candidates (yeow!)…which means: you need to be there, and you need to be FIERCE! That’s why learning LinkedIn from the RECRUITER’S perspective is the KEY that’s going to UNLOCK a world of unlimited possibilities for you to steer and expedite your career in exactly the direction you desire.


*The number one tip that Vicki used as both a career transitioner and an entrepreneur, to get recruiters, blogs, and even LinkedIn, lining up to talk to her
*How recruiters and employers search for candidates (and the crucial ingredients you must have in your profile)
*How and where to excavate and populate your most transferrable skills (so you jump to the top of search results)
*The quick ‘self-audit’ you can do to position yourself for the job you DO want (and NOT the ones you don’t want)
*How to use LinkedIn Groups to stand out as an expert and ROCKSTAR candidate to employers and recruiters
*Proper LinkedIn etiquette to get your Connection Requests read and accepted
*Transitioning between completely different fields? Learn how to transform how you’re perceived by recruiters/employers AND increase your value and earning potential.

Statistic Source: Bullhorn 2013 North America Social Recruiting Report  

Kick-Ass Interview Intensive: Recruiter Strategies to Get the Job

We’re ‘turning the tables’, breaking it down and doing a DEEP DIVE into the unchartered waters of interviewing like you’ve never seen before. You’ll learn:

*The 7 steps to a kick-ass interview – how to successfully get inside the mind of your interviewer/s and prepare accordingly                                                             
*What recruiters and hiring managers are REALLY ‘asking’ for and how to ‘answer’
*The role of ‘risk management’ in assessing candidates, and how to significantly reduce your ‘risk’ as a potential hire in the mind of your interviewer/s
*The 5 top traits that all VIP / ‘Star’ candidates MUST have and how to convey / represent them
*How to stand out from the competition from the moment you get the call to interview going forward
*The behaviors and answers that can totally make or break your candidacy

And more!

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