Shine Online: Craft Your Digital Presence

Learn how to polish and boost your online presence, from website to social media and showcase your work and creativity to employers, others creatives and prospective clients! 

Sunday, January 7th | 7:00-8:00 PM Virtual Event 


At a Glance: 

At this workshop, you'll get insights and tips on the "musts" of digital presence, from building an online portfolio to social media presence and digital communication skills. Get direct feedback from our team to help optimize your online presence and maximize opportunities.

Is this event for you? It is if you want to...

  • Grow or kick-start your career in art, design, writing, journalism, marketing, strategy and beyond 
  • Network and get feedback from a host of creative professionals 
  • Strategically market your skills and display your work online
  • Leverage website design and user experience to optimize your online portfolio 
  • Start collaborations and make new friends in creative industries

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