5 Signs It’s Time for a Change

Anyone in the work force is sure to encounter various stress and frustrations throughout their day-to-day routines. That being said, it can be tremendously difficult to figure out if your stress is just a normal part of life, or an indicator that it’s time for you to find a new job or make a change in your career.

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Here are 5 signs that it really is time for you to make a change.

1. You’re working in silos.

It is so important for those just starting out in their career to get feedback from a supervisor. Oftentimes, companies will use the work of entry-level employees on projects without keeping those employees involved throughout. If your supervisor is making changes to your work themselves, without keeping you involved, it’s difficult to learn from their expertise. Ask for feedback. Ask to be kept in the loop, if even just to see how your work is revised and applied. If your supervisors don’t want to address this for you, it’s time to look for an environment in which you will learn.

2. You don’t receive progress reports.

Similar to the need for feedback, progress reports by a supervisor are essential to your career. Aside from the day-to-day guidance, it’s important to have someone assess your growth and work over time in order to measure how much you’ve learned and what your goals should be for the future. If your supervisors don’t make giving you a progress report a priority, it’s time to find a job in which your growth will be assessed (and rewarded).

3. You’re stagnant.

While loving your job should be a top priority, career growth should be of utmost importance as well. Many companies will inform employees of their track – or the path they can take to grow to the next step up in their job titles and responsibilities. If you’ve worked in the same role for over a year, without any assessment from a superior or opportunities for growth within your company, it’s time to look for a role elsewhere that is a step above what you’re currently doing.

4. You can’t find a mentor.

In addition to formalized progress reports by a supervisor, having a mentor is a key way to foster growth in your career. Having a go-to person that you can ask for advice, specific direction, or instruction will be an invaluable resource. Many companies have formalized mentorship programs, or senior team members who will be happy to mentor others. If you’re continuously failing at finding a mentor, it might be time to find a company to work for that supports mentorship relationships.

5. You’re unhappy.

This should go without saying, but many people struggle between prioritizing their happiness and the needs of their employers. If you are truly unhappy in your work environment and have tried to address the previously mentioned items to no success, don’t feel guilty for looking for a change.

If your daily frustrations don’t meet that criteria, perhaps you just need to learn how to stay strong under stress.

What are some criteria you use to figure out if it’s time for a change?

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