5 Social Media & Interview Tips From Glamour, Grey Advertising, Huge, & More

FindSpark, From Hashtag to Hired

Photo courtesy of Stephanie Banares

Last week, FindSpark hosted some of New York’s most reputable social media savvy professionals for a panel about how to stand out by having a strong online presence. Read below for the panelist’s tips on how to go from hashtag to hired.

1. Patience is key.

Alphonzo Terrell is currently the Senior Manager, Digital Marketing for Showtime Networks Inc., responsible for leading digital strategy for the top programs on the network including Homeland, Shameless, and Twin Peaks. He has also worked in marketing at Sony Music and Island Def Jam, in addition to having launched his own creative agency NewMerika. Alphonzo reminded us that building a career and gaining strong contacts in your field takes time.

“Everything is long and a journey. You don’t have to have it all together. Overnight success does not exist.”
Alphonzo Terrell, Senior Manager, Digital Marketing at Showtime Networks Inc.

2. Be your awesome self.

Sam Cannon and John McLaughlin, New York based GIF artists and creative experts, spoke about how to show whom you are personally when being professional. To network within her industry, Sam takes a friendly and casual approach by inviting people she wants to get to know to drinks or parties.

“Make friends. At the end of the day, these are real people. Treat them that way.”
Sam Cannon, Photo + Video Artist

FindSpark, From Hashtag to Hired

Photo courtesy of Stephanie Banares

3. Take initiative.

Lauren Chan is the Associate Fashion Writer at Glamour, where she covers fashion news and trends for both the magazine and Glamour.com. She’s also spent time in various departments at the Council of Fashion Designers of America, Interview, and Cosmopolitan. Lauren gave tips on how to use Twitter for networking and stressed the importance of having the opportunity to network face-to-face. Offering to buy a coffee and have an informational interview, even if it is brief, will make you stand out.

4. Get creative to get your point across.

Recruiter for Dow Jones’s New York location, Annie Herman, shared ideas on how to stand out as an applicant. She has seen people tell their stories through videos and include how they can be beneficial to a company. Being able to communicate clearly how you will help that company if hired contributes to standing out against other applicants.

5. Following up is everything.

Joshua Huff-Williams, recruiter for Grey Advertising, covered the etiquette for following up after an interview. Thanks to him, you can stop questioning when to send that email.

“After an interview, send a thank you note within twenty-four hours. If you have not heard back, follow up by email two weeks after the interview.”
– Joshua Huff -Williams, Associate, Talent Acquisition at Grey Advertising

What companies and professionals do you want to hear tips from? Share with us in the comments!

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