Speaker Profile: Pippa Lord, Woman of Style

Pippa Lord is a woman of style, which is not to say she is a woman of fashion. The latter fades whereas the former is timeless. She launched the blog Sous Style for the “new generation of homemakers.” A content expert, Pippa executes her clear vision for her tasteful WordPress site. To an untrained eye, it looks built from scratch.

A Creative Diaries panelist, Pippa will present tips like how revealing content and active listening get the highest responses. She works hard to form community around Sous Style, and her posts often reflect her audience’s interests. The site revolves around food and as Pippa put it, has a voice like a modern Martha Stewart.

NY Creative Interns Pippa Lord

Photo: Bon Apetit

What is your current position?

By day, Pippa is the director of photography for ELLE.

What’s one of the coolest things that’s happened to you as a result of your blog?

As a hiring manager, a blog is a great asset when matching photographers to jobs. It helps me make sure the chemistry is right and shows that people care about what they do.

In terms of my own blog, I’m proud that my work is a 360 degree look at me as a person and where I want to go.

NY Creative Interns Pippa Lord of Sous Style

Photo: Pippa Lord

It’s like an interactive portfolio. Everyone, by the way, should have an online portfolio. If you deal with images like I do, watermarks offer some protection.

Do you use any tools that make blogging easier for you?

I wouldn’t so much point toward tools as I would towards approaches. We launched the site with 3 months of content, later reposting things. It was important for us to have presence.

We also tend to produce content that’s newsy, which is a part of our edge for attracting new readers.

What aspect of our event are you looking forward to the most?

Since I have a predominantly print and magazine background, I’m interested in discussing the connection between online media and print media. In my opinion, nothing looks as good as print!


Are you a foodie? What Sous Style-esque tips do you have?

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