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AOL_MB_Canv_1C_1_MasterYou’ve probably heard of AOL before, but you may not know that the company is known for doing more than providing dial-up internet in the early 90’s. Over the past 25 years, AOL has become a digital media pioneer, providing great content through their main website and their subsidiary companies The Huffington Post, Engadget, Stylist, Daily Finance, and Patch. They’ve also been providing folks with driving directions through MapQuest and the times for local movies through Moviefone.

If you’re interested in working for AOL or one of their subsidiaries, you can meet their representatives at our Summer Opportunity Mixer on July 31st, or you can learn a little bit more about their company culture below.

NY Creative Interns: How might you describe some general personality traits that all employees at AOL have?
AOL: Culture is everything at AOL. We look specifically for people who are obsessed with what they do—who are team players, innovators, who demonstrate integrity and aren’t afraid to take chances.

Does AOL have any company sports teams, committees, or mentor programs for employees?
AOL has tons of clubs and committees and a mentor network. There is the NextGen Network specifically for Millennials, and there is a Culture Club in each office responsible for running social and interactive events. We also have: Women’s Network, Out at AOL, Military Support Group, Parent’s Group and many more.
AOL Dublin office

What are the best benefits/ perks of working at AOL?
The benefits of being an AOL employee extend beyond the traditional (and excellent) healthcare and 401k offerings. We have a GetFit program that rewards employees monetarily for physical fitness, and many of our offices have free beverages, nap rooms, a gym, weekly beer breaks, ping pong and Foosball tables. Most employees have the ability to work remotely when needed, and every employee is allotted three full days each year, in addition to vacation time, for community service/volunteer opportunities. And this is only the beginning…

What is your interview process like?
Our interview process differs by position and if you are applying for full time or internship opportunities. Typically you will speak with one of our recruiters after applying and then speak with multiple members of the team. For full time roles, each perspective hire meets with a Cultural Ambassador for a special interview that is aimed solely to assess culture fit within the organization.

What is the office like?
Our offices are typically wide open and very casual. Most people, including top executives, sit at open desks instead of cubicles or closed offices. There are large meeting and conference rooms throughout our facilities for team meetings, interviews etc. Offices have games such as pingpong, fooseball, and Wii, free drinks and snacks. Our NYC office is complete with two studio spaces, a small (and delicious) on-site café, and a small gym for working out!

Can you share a great story of an employee who has worked their way up within the company?
AOL is a great place to start a career and grow rapidly. Our Huffington Post Style Sr. Editor, Ellie Krupnik, who joined us just after graduation as an intern in June 2011 and has since been promoted twice, and now manages a team of three. Other great stories of success include Arianna Huffington’s former Chief of Staff Jimmy Soni, who is now the Huffinton Post Managing Editor and was named to Forbes 30 under 30 list this past year.

Does AOL have any interesting company-wide initiatives?
Every year, AOL dedicates at least one day worldwide to stop work to get out and volunteer in the community; we call it Monster Help Day. In 2013 nearly 3,000 AOL employees volunteered in 25 cities in 54 different projects and organizations.

Special thanks to employee Lauren Bloch for answering the questions on behalf of the AOL team.

Do you have any questions for the AOL team? Post them in the comments, or ask a representative directly at the Summer Opportunity Mixer on July 31st.

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