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makemeaningAs a kid, did you ever go to a birthday party where you got to paint a ceramic figure, then take that figure home with you? I know I did; I always thought those were always the best parties. Now, imagine going to a place like that, but instead of limiting kids to ceramics, they can also make their own books, cards, paper crafts, faux stained glass, soap, candles, and even decorate their own cakes – sounds great, doesn’t it? Well that’s exactly what happens at Make Meaning, a craft-making destination for both children and adults (because sometimes, you just need to take a break from job hunting to decorate a cake.) Make meaning provides all of the equipment and space you need to make the things listed above and more.

Are you interested in working for Make Meaning? If so, you can meet representatives from the Make Meaning team at the Summer Opportunity Mixer on July 31st and read a bit more about the company’s culture below.

NY Creative Interns: How might you describe some general personality traits that all employees at Make Meaning have?
Make Meaning: Upbeat, enthusiastic, creative and fun.

What’s a general day at the office like?
Lots of fun! (Of course.)

What makes your on-boarding process special?
We have an intensive training program where we teach all our store associates the variety of crafts we offer our guests such as soap and candle making, cake decorating, stained glass making, ceramics and much more.

What is the office like?
Most of our staff work in cubicles or share offices. The office is bright and cheery with lots of colors and windows in the closed offices. We also have a great break room where snacks and drinks are always available.

Do you have any questions for the Make Meaning team? Post them in the comments, or ask a representative directly at the Summer Opportunity Mixer on July 31st.

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