Simple But Powerful Resume Changes That Will Make You Stand Out

Although we know that networking, going to events, and informational interviews are powerful ways to discover and get opportunities, it’s still important to have a stand-out resume. Even when you’re networking in-person, your resume can have a big effect on how your experience is perceived.

It is possible to get jobs through traditional job boards and career pages, but it’s much harder to stand out on paper then it is in-person.

The following tips are simple but powerful ways to make your resume stand out. Some of these strategies you can easily and quickly implement, so take action. Others take time (like customizing every resume for every job you apply to), but will give you much better results.

Let’s stand out!

Make your formatting 100% consistent, clean, and easy to read.

Standing out does not mean sacrificing readability. Make sure your bullet points are all aligned, you don’t randomly bold titles in some places and not others, and that everything fits on one page.

Show results or context in the form of numbers in at least one bullet per job.

Employers want to see the impact you had in your role. Talk about numbers like the increase in XYZ and the size and reach of projects you’ve worked on.

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Include a link to your website in your contact section.

Make it a ‘live’ link so people can click right through to your website from the PDF or word document. Don’t have a website yet? You need one! is the best way to build a site for free. Here’s some website building tips to get started.

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Leave out experience bullets that aren’t relevant to the job you’re applying for.

Don’t waste the recruiter’s time adding content that doesn’t relate to how you’d add value to that specific job and company. This is hard, but it will also help you keep your resume to one page.

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Make it clear what your hard skills are by having a stand-alone section, or integrating them into your bullet points.

Recruiters want to easily see skills like software programs and social media sites. Have a clear section, or make sure you include the tools you used on certain projects within the bullets.

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Include a relevant side hustle, passion project, leadership experience, or volunteer gig.

Just because you didn’t get paid for something or it’s not an official internship or full-time job, doesn’t mean the experience isn’t valuable. Include them when relevant.

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Remember, resumes are important, but connecting with people is even more important. The best way to get your resume into the right hands is through networking and informational interviews, so do it often, even when you don’t “need” something.

What are your resume tips or questions? Share in the comments!

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Emily is Founder and CEO of FindSpark. Passionate about the power of social media and networking; Emily has spoken at numerous colleges, conferences, and events including The International Youth Leaders Assembly at The United Nations, SXSW Interactive, Internet Week, Mediabistro's Social Media Bootcamp, Time Inc, Columbia University, and New York University, among others. Emily is also an adjunct professor, teaching social media and career courses at multiple colleges. Learn more about having Emily speak at your next event and follow her on twitter @EmilyMiethner.

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