All About Startups: Advice and Insight from 5 Entrepreneurs

Panelists David Whittemore, Co-Founder of Clothes Horse, Nitsan Ayali, Production at Bonobos, Lattasha Fanfair, Associate Brand Partnership Manager at MyHabit-Amazon, Laura Zapata, Fashion Editor at Cosmopolitan for Latinas and James Wahba, Co-Founder of Projective Space all shared their insight into the startup world on Sunday, April 5, 2014, during the “Stylish Startups: Can You Handle the Pace?” session at FindSpark’s “Find and Follow Your Passion: A Full Day Fashion Career Conference” at LIM College.

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Are you outgoing, creative, analytic, and flexible? 

Has working at a startup ever crossed your mind?
If your answer is yes, read on. Enclosed are some great tips from the panelists.
If your answer is no, read on. I promise the panelists’ perspectives will persuade you to reconsider.

By nature, almost every aspect of a startup is constantly evolving.

This includes business plans, strategies, and employee positions. Working at a startup can help you acquire skills and gain insight into many positions. It’s a great opportunity for professionals who aren’t sure of what they would like to do, or for creative individuals, or for those of us who like tackling more than one project at a time.

Keep in mind that to be a part of a startup is to take a risk.

But as Nitsan Ayali reminded us, in today’s world:
“There is job security…until there isn’t job security.”
On any given day you can wake up, go to work and be let go. Just like that. Startups are so close-knit; more often than not, a job at another startup will be within arm’s reach.

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Not willing to work at a startup from its conception?

Don’t worry. There are other ways to be involved with a startup without starting from scratch.

Lattasha Fanfair, Associate Brand Partnership Manager at Amazon’s flash sale website, MyHabit, pointed out that although MyHabit is only two years old it is not a “startup, startup” because Amazon, the parent company, is established and well organized.

James Wahba, CEO and Co-Founder of Projective Space, provides working space for startup entrepreneurs in New York City. He is directly involved with the startups from the outside.

So, here do you look for startup opportunities? *Panelists tip.

Craigslist & StyleCareers

…one of FindSpark’s moderators Reb Carlson obtained her first job at 360i via Craigslist. Yes, the 360i that is now a global digital marketing agency.

What do you think of startups now? Let us know in the comments section below!


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An alumnae of Hofstra University, Lekwon Imoke is currently pursing her Masters in Fashion Marketing at LIM College. Feel free to follow her on twitter @LekwonI and connect with her on LinkedIn Lekwon Imoke.

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