Three ways to stretch, extend and appreciate your pay stub.












Dying for tips to help you make more of your small intern or post-grad budget? Here are some general tips to make you feel better about your smaller (or nonexistent) paycheck and make you a smarter spender!

Always do your research before any big purchase

I know it’s always easier to just make that impulsive buy, but I’ve learned that impulse and money are archenemies. It always makes more sense to do a little research before purchasing an expensive item or service. It helps you save money! Check out this post by Lifehacker for the best time to buy anything. From furniture to digital frames to chocolate, this article tells you the cheapest month to buy any item you can think of.

Try to evaluate and simplify your needs in life

After a few years of buying unnecessary things like fancy stilettos and a matching handbag, I realized that buying shoes every paycheck was not the wisest thing for a young gal like me to do. I mean, shoes are cute and fulfill my material desire for a brief moment in time, but having food on the table and a roof over my head is more important. (Duh!) So I decided to make an inventory list of all the things I have and it helped me to realize all the things I actually need. I started to budget my money so that I had enough for the necessities and I put everything else I earn into a savings account. It was so simple and so hard at the same time. After making it a common practice it becomes second nature.

Don’t be wasteful
I enjoy going to second-hand stores to purchase things like clothes, furniture, dishware, etc…Buying secondhand not only saves YOU money but it also helps preserve the environment. I like to reuse items in original, creative ways. Example: I like to stuff my boots with plastic bags when I’m not wearing them so that they retain their shape and don’t lose their worth! Try to think of what you can transform something into before you throw it in the trash.

Leave your money-saving, penny-pinching, thrifty tips in the comments!


Meg Rain is an artist, designer and poet that graduated from Herron School of Art + Design in Indianapolis, Indiana with a degree in visual communication design and a minor in creative writing non-fiction. She is striving to make a name for herself in the music industry as a freelance music promotion designer and songwriter.

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